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January 2017 (part IV)
Principal’s Den
Dear Lowell Community,
It is hard to believe we are in our last full week of January. We have endured some crazy weather this month.
We have appreciated your flexibility with changes to the calendar. Have a wonderful weekend!
Your Principal,
Dr. Adria David
Lowell Elementary Important Dates and Events
After School
All Day
1:45 pm 3:35 pm
4:00 pm- 5:00 pm
8:30 am-9:00 am
District News: Bond Update
On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 the Boise School District will hold a bond election to reinvest in our
neighborhood schools and community with no increase in the current property tax rate.
The need for this bond election is driven by:
A Facility Audit that shows growing deferred school maintenance needs (nearly $330 million).
Aging schools - 52% of Boise’s schools were built more than a half-century ago and are facing
significant maintenance needs & deficiencies.
The amount of the bond is $172.5 million, which does NOT raise the current property tax rate.
The bond addresses overcrowding, outdated and aging facilities, and gives students access to modern
classrooms and schools that reflect best practices in education and technology - ensuring students graduate
college and career ready.
Learn more at
Colder Weather
Please help your child prepare for the colder months ahead by reminding them to wear their warm outside
gear (coats, boots, hats and gloves). Historically, as a District we use 20°F as a baseline for making the
decision to have indoor recess. As a staff we also take into account the age of students and the wind chill
factor in reaching our decision. For safety reasons, students should not be on campus before 8:45 AM or on
campus after 4:00 pm, as there is no playground supervision. This will also limit the time students will be
standing outside in the cold.
Inclement Weather
In the event of a school closure due to winter weather the District will communicate to the local radio and
television stations to spread the word. The District will also email parents, send a text message to parents, and
post closure information on the District's website and on the District’s Twitter account.
To sign-up for the District's emergency text messaging service text SUBSCRIBE to the number 68453.
Eight Habits of the Heart
Character Trait for January - Dependability
Within the community, dependability is being there for others through all the times of their
lives, a steady influence that makes tomorrow a welcome event.
-Clifton Taulbert
STEM Bus Coming to Lowell
WHEN: March 10, 2017
STEM Summer Camp
Scholastic Chess Tournament
Due to school closures again today and uncertain weather this weekend, the 2017 Western Regional
Scholastic Tournament (WRST) has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 11.
"Teens and Substance Abuse" workshops
Learn to Play Hockey
Ages 4-8 H1/H2
Ages 9-17 H1/H2
Ages 4-8 H3/H4
Ages 9-17 H3/H4
5th/6th Grade Boys’ Basketball
Practices: Tuesday-Thursdays, accept on game days
Game Days and Time: TBA
Time: 4:00 PM 5:15PM
Location: Gym, Lowell Elementary
Coach: Marc Münch
MOSS is coming to Lowell
Great News! Based on the results of the parent survey sent out by our PTSA, our Lowell 6th grade students will
have the opportunity to participate in outreach program from the University of Idaho college of Natural
Resources’ McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS). This year the outreach program is willing to come to Boise
and work with our students. The outreach program will focus on team building, geology, adaptations, water
ecology, ecosystems, winter ecology and more. For more information:
When: April 4, 2017 April 7, 2017 (during school hours).
Where: Boise (more information to come regarding site
locations, previous locations have been Lucky Peak,
Nature Center, Ann Morrison Park).
*Volunteers will be needed: one adult chaperone will be
needed for each field group (more to come).
**Enrollment forms will need to be completed by parent
or legal guardian in order for student to participate.
(Enrollment information will be sent out closer to the
program date.)
2017 Baseball and Softball Registration
Shake It Up After-School
Lowell Elementary School is again partnering this year with Boise State University, to offer
a free after-school drama program called “Shake It Up After-School.” Like many programs
at Lowell this year, funding has been reduced for this program due to the loss of Title I
funds. This has required some changes to the program, most significantly the need to limit
the number of students who will be able to participate in the program to 30 students.
This year there will be auditions for participants the week of Monday, January 23rd with
the following schedule:
Monday 1/23/20176: All interested 5th and 6th Graders
Tuesday 1/24/2017: All interested 4th graders
Wednesday 1/25/2017: Call-backs, by invitation
Thursday 1/26/2017: Call-backs, by invitation
In addition to acting potential, the program leaders will be looking for students who demonstrate effective
teamwork, careful listening skills, and a positive, collaborative attitude.
For those invited to participate, there will follow 27 sessions (Mondays Thursdays for seven weeks; no
meeting on Presidents Day, 2/20) beginning Monday, January 30th and concluding with two performances on
Friday, March 17th. The sessions are scheduled as follows:
Dates: January 30-February 2, February 6-9, 13-16, 21-23, February 27-March 2,
March 6-10 and 13-16.
During these sessions, Lowell students will be coached and directed by undergraduates from Professor Matthew
Hansen’s ENGL 345 Shakespeare course at Boise State University to prepare a one-hour performance version
of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. The program provides an introduction to Shakespeare and theatrical
performance that is interactive and fun. Mounting a performance is both hard work requiring discipline and
teamwork and a great deal of imaginative play.
This program runs Mondays through Thursdays for only seven weeks; if your student wishes to pursue other
after-school activities that will keep him or her from attending “Shake It Up After School” more than once a
week, please decide which activity is more important.
The program will conclude with two performances at Lowell Elementary, on Friday March 17th, at 2:30
p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Dr. Hansen and his program leaders would love to have some parent volunteers to help with the program.
Volunteers would help Dr. Hansen's students as they rehearse scenes, review lines with individual students or
small groups, and help to supervise craft or writing activities. Theater experience is in no way required: just a
willingness to help keep kids stay focused and on task. Ideally volunteers will be able to attend on a consistent
basis, for example, one day a week for the seven week duration of the program.
For additional information:
Please call or email Matthew C. Hansen, Ph.D.
208-426-1215 (Office)
Message from Counselor
Lowell Families,
Boise Parks and Recreation Activity Guide is great resource as we head into the
2017 school year. Here is a link to the winter/spring guide: boiseparksrec.
Dave Sica, M.Ed.
School Counselor
Lowell Elementary School
Lowell Community Resources
Office: 208.854.5487
Fax: 208.854.5481
and 6
Grade Parents
Informational Math Nights
for 5th and 6th Grade Parents
Who: 5th and 6th Grade Parents
What: Discussion of the recommended student placement in Math 6, Honor 6/7, and
Compacted 7/8
Why: To help parents make informed decisions about what option is best for their
When: 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm (all schools), but West JHS (5:00pm)
Where: Parents may attend any of the
math nights at these locations:
East Jr. High: January 23, Library
West Jr. High: January 25, Library 5:00PM
Fairmont Jr. High: January 26, Library
South Jr. High: January 30, Library
Hillside Jr. High: January 31, Band Rm
St. Lukes: Parenting Class
Parenting the Love and Logic Way
This common sense approach to parenting
will give parents practical ideas about:
Teaching children to make responsible choices
Setting Limits
Empathetic responses
Avoiding power struggles
Helping to develop problem solving skills
Registration Fee
Book (Please send $10.00 book fee along with registration fee)
Hawthorne Elementary
Jan 19 Feb 23 (Thursdays)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Sara Wright & Becky Paslay
(child care provided for 3 yrs. and older)
Adams Elementary
Feb 2 Mar 9 (Thursdays)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Annie Pierce & Christopher Gibbons
Morley Nelson Elementary
Feb 8 Mar 15 (Wednesdays)
4:15 6:15 p.m.
Miranda Palmer & Tenneal Lujan
(child care provided for 3 yrs. and older)
Grace Jordan Elementary
Apr 3 May 8 (Mondays)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Lindsy Thomas & Joni Graham
$ = Registration Fee based on sliding scale
= Book required
Building a Relationship with Your Teen to Last a Lifetime
Formerly “Parenting Teens with Love & Logic”
Being the parent of a teen is rewarding, exciting, and quite often challenging. With skills and
understanding you can guide your teen to be responsible, cooperative, and independent. Learn
unique strategies that will make living with a teen more enjoyable and less stressful
The class will focus on helping parents with:
building a relationship with your teen
adolescent development
boundary setting
navigating conflict
Love and Logic strategies
parental concerns
Registration Fee
Book (Please send $10.00 book fee along with registration fee)
Fairmont Jr. High School
Feb 6 Mar 13 (Mondays) (no class 2/20, will be 2/21-Tuesday)
Joan Parsons & Rita Romberg
6:00 pm 8:00 pm
$ = Registration Fee based on sliding scale
= Book required
Parenting Spirited and Strong-Willed Children
This class will focus on parenting strategies and practical ideas for parents of strong-
willed/spirited children. Also covered in the class will be anger management techniques to avoid
power struggles, knowing the importance of considering your child’s personality and temperament
traits, developing prevention plans to deal with known areas of conflict, managing homework time,
knowing how to balance rules and consequences with love, and discussing cognitive thinking patterns
that affect your child’s response to your parenting.
Registration Fee
No book handouts will be provided
Mountain View Elementary
Jan 23 Mar 6 (Mondays) (no class 2/20)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Barbara Kennedy & Matt Siron
No child care provided
$ = Registration Fee based on sliding scale
Drug Education
(By administrative referral only)
Family Survival Training:
At-Risk Instruction and Support for Parents:
These classes offer information, practical ideas and support for parents of at-risk teenagers who may or may
not already be involved in substance abuse. Focus is on information on drugs and effects of drugs, tips on
building student strengths and improving family relationships, and providing support for parents.
Student Survival Training for Junior High and High School Students
Six week closed sessions focus on the physical and emotional effects of drugs, how to develop personal
strengths, providing support and self-esteem development.
Drug Free Idaho
Drug Free Idaho offers educational presentations about the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse
for classrooms, employers, and community organizations. The active community coalition gives parents a
resource for current information and collaborative efforts to create a drug free culture in Idaho. For more
information or to schedule a presentation, please visit or call 570-6409.
Youth Classroom Education and Demonstrations
Parent Group & Workplace Education and Demonstrations
Red Ribbon Week Presentations
Volunteerism & Community Coalition
1. Complete this form indicating the class you wish to attend.
Class Name: _________________________________________
Location: ____________________________________________
Your Name(s): ________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________
Zip Code: ____________________________________________
Home Phone: ________________ Work Phone: _____________
2. Please use the sliding scale for fees. Plus $10.00 book fee for Love & Logic
Plus $12.00 book fee for Co-Parenting
Annual Income Cost per family
$10,000 and under $10.00
$10,000-$25,000 $20.00
$25,000-$40,000 $35.00
$40,000 and up $45.00
Lifetime Membership $100.00
A lifetime membership entitles the member to attend any of the Parent Education classes for life.
3. Mail this form with a check, payable to Boise School District.
Boise School District
Attn: Parent Education Center
8169 W. Victory Road
Boise, ID 83709
Box Tops For Education
A BIG thank you to the Lowell families who donated Box Tops for Education! The fall submission earned $1002.40 for
Lowell Elementary! Mrs. Carson-Eisenman’s 4
grade class earned the pizza party for most Box Tops submitted. They
will enjoy a pizza lunch during their Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 21
Keep saving those Box Tops! We will collect, count, and turn them in again this Spring. Please help Lowell continue to
earn free money!
Thank you,
Lowell PTSA
Message from Parent Teachers Student Association (PTSA)
Please show your Lowell school spirit by joining our PTSA! The Lowell PTSA meets on the 2nd Thursday of
each month at 4:00 pm in the library. You do not have to be a member to come to the meetings. However, if
you would like to become a member it is only $10.00. Forms to become a member are located on Lowell’s
website at, For
more information on Lowell’s PTSA, please contact Amber Bennett, Lowell PTSA President at
Message from our Nurse
Saint Alphonsus: Support Groups
Message from Lowell’s Leadership Team
Part of the Leadership Teams goal is to finalize our SMART Goals. These smart goals provide
Lowell with information towards designing and guiding our professional development and
instructional practices. Below are Lowell’s SMART Goals for the 2016-2017 School Year.
SMART Goal #1:
By the end of the 2016-2017 School Year, all K through 6 grade students at Lowell Elementary will be proficient or
increase their fluency rate by 10% as measured by the Idaho Reading Indicator or Reading CBM between fall and spring
SMART Goal #2:
By the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we will increase the number of Lowell Elementary 2nd-through 6th grade
students scoring at or above the 50th percentile on STAR Reading assessment by a minimum of 10% or show individual
growth of a minimum of 10%.
SMART Goal #3:
By the end of the 2016-2017 school year, we will increase the number of Lowell Elementary 2nd-through 6th grade
students scoring at or above the 50th percentile on STAR Math assessment by a minimum of 10% or show individual
growth of a minimum of 10%.
SMART Goal #4:
By the end of the 2016-2017 School Year, the number of students who scored between the 60 and 100 range in the area
of Spatial Reasoning as identified by the Primary Math Assessment will increase by 10% at each grade level K through 2.