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This Simplebooklet will help you in finding the probability of simple word problems.

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What is probability?

Probability is the chance that something will happen. This can be expressed in "fraction format," where the denominator is the number of the items in total and the numerator is the number of the item being considered.

Here is an easy one for example:

Lyric has 8 jelly beans in a bag. One is red, two are blue, two are yellow, and three are orange. What is the probability of Lyric reaching into her bag and bringing out a purple jelly bean?

(Answer and explanation on the next page).

The probability that a purple jelly bean will be chosen is...



Because there were not any purple jelly beans to begin with!

Are you ready for things to get a little Harder?

Next example:

Lyric has a spinner divided into 10 different sections. Four sections are yellow, three are red, two are blue, and one is orange. What is the probability of Lyric spinning the arrow, and it landing on orange?

(Answer and explanation on the next page).

If you guessed 1/10...


There is only 1 orange piece, and there are 10 in total. Therefore, the probability of the spinner landing on an orange space is one in ten, or 1/10.



What is the probability that you have a basic knowledge and understanding of probabilities?

10/10, or 100%!

Great job!