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The booklet will be about my learning at Walwayne Court School in Mr Hoods class .Also I will tell you what I have learnt !

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In the first term of PE we did netball, in the second term we football, in the third term we did tag rugby and in the fourth term we a re doing balancing and bench ball.My favourite term was term two because my favourite sports are tennis,football and running.

We also had a Paralimpian in called Ben Rushgrove and we did a fitness serkit.


Are the best!!

In maths this year (2014/15) we have been looking at Roman Numerals.

We have been looking at questions like e.g 253 =CCLIII

Here is a little numonic  you can remember the Numerals


I = 1
Value  =5 
Like   =50
Cows  =100
Drink =500
Milk  =1000


 Roman numerals are very fun but some times are very confusing .....

MATHS  Word Problms

In maths we have been doing word problems, here is one for you:                                                      

A 26 mile run starts at 3:22 am.The first place person crossed the line at 7:56 and the last place person crossed the line at 9:29 .How long did it take the first and last place to run ?

 1st place 17 hrs 32 mins . 

                                            last place 18 hrs 7 mins.


We have been doing shapes.There are lots of different types of triangles there is the an isosceles triangle, skalene triangle, an equalatral triange and right angle triangle.


There are two types of letters Informal (like your talking to your friends and family and chatty) and formal ( posh and polite).



Informal letter




Formal Letter

In english we have been focusing on letters. We have written a formal letter to local food company's asking for donations and gift vouchers for our new receptions coming in in September. And we have been doing  letters of complaint


In term 4/5 our topic was The Romans. We included it in our maths,topic,english and ICT we found out lots and lots of facts them times France was called Gaul.