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Feb 2017 Part II
Principal’s Den
Dear Lowell Families,
Happy Valentines week, I hope you all had a chance to enjoy some sunshine this weekend.
On Tuesday this week, the boys’ basketball tournament will begin. Come cheer on our 6
grade boys at Lowell!! In addition, a shout out goes to Mr. Wocicki who helped secure a
donation to Lowell for school supplies. The donation came from Gary Smith and Linda Cash,
Albertson’s Grocery Store. Awesome!
Please take notice of new information regarding Kindergarten registration. Please feel free to pass this
information on to others who are considering registering their child for Kindergarten. Just a friendly reminder
there will be no school on Friday, February 17
or Monday, February 20
. Have a great week and a wonderful
four day weekend.
Your Principal,
Dr. Adria David
Important Dates and Events
All Day
All Day
5:30-6:30 pm
9:30-10:30 am
8:30-9:10 pm
9:00 am - 12:00pm
6:00-7:30 PM
Eight Habits of the Heart
Character Trait for February-Hope
Within the community, hope is believing in tomorrow because you have learned to see with
your heart.
-Clifton Taulbert
Weather Changes
Please continue to remind your child to wear their warm outside gear (coats, boots, hats and gloves) as well as
appropriate footwear for the melting ice/snow mix. Students are welcome to pack a second set of footwear for
inside the building.
Historically, as a District we use 20°F as a baseline for making the decision to have indoor recess. As a staff
we also take into account the age of students and the wind chill factor in reaching our decision.
For safety reasons, students should not be on campus before 8:45 AM or on campus after 4:00 pm, as
there is no playground supervision. This will also limit the time students will be standing outside in the cold.
District News: Bond Update
On Tuesday, March 14, 2017 the Boise School District will hold a bond election to reinvest in our
neighborhood schools and community with no increase in the current property tax rate.
If approved, the $172.5 million bond will allow the District to invest in every school, creating a positive
legacy for our children and grandchildren, all without raising the tax rate.
22 major capital projects
Build six new elementary schools on their current sites
A new school in the Harris Ranch area
Expansion of job-training classes, including Electrical, Plumbing and Heating-Air Conditioning
Expansion of Timberline High School
Remodel of Boise High’s Old Gym
Expansion of physical education, music and cafeteria spaces
Learn more at
Kindergarten Registration
March 9, 2017
Registration Date
Please attend registration with your child on Thursday, March 9, 2017 from 4:00 - 5:30 P.M. Your child will go through several
learning stations and receive a packet of home activities that you can do with your child over the summer.
Registration packets are available right now! To enroll in kindergarten, students must be 5 years of age on or before September 01,
2017. A birth certificate, proof of residence and a current immunization record are required. You are encouraged to return this
paperwork to the office as soon as possible. Although it does not give your child priority, it does make the registration process more
AM & PM Kindergarten
Lowell Elementary offers two half day Kindergarten sessions. Classroom Hours - AM (morning)
9:15-12:00, PM (afternoon) 1:00-3:45. We also offer All Day Kindergarten. The cost for this
program is $250.00 for ten months. Please let us know if you have mitigating circumstances
that necessitate a morning or afternoon kindergarten session. We will do our best to
accommodate needs, but we cannot guarantee placement.
Enrollment Priorities
If you have a child currently attending Lowell Elementary, you will be given first priority for enrolling your kindergartener. Please
contact the office.
The district will provide placement and busing for any students that their home school cannot accommodate. Lowell Elementary
overflow schools are Whittier, Taft and Washington. In the event that we have more than 69 students register, we will have a
lottery to determine which students will attend Lowell Elementary and which students will be overflowed to another school. The
date of the lottery is yet to be determined.
Open Enrollment
If you currently live in an area other than Lowell Elementary you will need to register at your home school. At that time you may fill
out an open enrollment form to request placement at Lowell Elementary. The Open enrollment forms will not be considered until
Kindergarten Open House
We realize that you may have several questions regarding kindergarten. Please know that a few days before school starts, Lowell
Elementary will have a Kindergarten Open House. You will be invited along with your child to visit the classroom, meet the teacher,
and become comfortable with school before the first day arrives. This has been very successful in reducing anxiety for both the child
and the parent. In August, you will get a letter telling you the dates and times of our Open House.
If you
questions, feel free to call us at 208 854-5480.
Thank you!
Food and Nutrition
Boise School District Food & Nutrition Services launched a new state of the art website for
students and their families. The website is loaded with nutrition resources about good
nutrition and wellness, both at school and at home.
For the free mobile app, download Web Menus by School Nutrition and Fitness from your
app store. To visit the webpage from the District website, select Food & Nutrition Services
under the Parents & Patrons link.
One of the highlights of the website is our interactive menus. After selecting the month and
grade level on the Menus page, you can view the nutritional and allergen information for
items offered throughout the District. There is also a tool to view the menus in numerous
languages. You can even print the calendar in color or in black and white!
Check out the other great resources on our website! On the site, you can sign up for Free &
Reduced Price Meals or sign up for MySchoolBucks to make online payments or to get free
low balance notifications.
The website will continue to be developed and updated. Future plans include Menu
Surveys, Cafeteria Digital Displays and possible Online Ordering for High School students!
Check out our NEW interactive menus
and information packed
Food & Nutrition Services
Website and mobile app!
Lowell Book Fair
Shake It Up After-School
Practice Continues:
February 13-16, 21-23,
February 27-March 2,
March 6-10 and 13-16
Time: 4:00-5:30, Monday-Thursday
Where: Lowell Cafeteria
Final Program Performance: Friday, March 17
@ 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm
Matthew C. Hansen, Ph.D.
208-426-1215 (Office)
Grade Field Trip to the Capitol
We are very proud of our 4
grade students. They represented Lowell well!
Please show your School Spirit
by wearing your Lowell Spirit Wear
and/or black and gold!
Please invite your neighbors, friends and family members!!
MOSS (McCall Outdoor Science School)
Creating new traditions for our 6
MOSS Outreach Program is coming to Lowell this year!
Thanks to our PTSA and family donations.
When: April 4-7
Afterschool Program: 1
and 2
Who May Enter:
Any student enrolled in a public, parochial or other private elementary or middle school (plus High Schools in Division 4
and 5 only) in the United States of America, Canada or an overseas US military installation may submit artwork to the
National School Bus Safety Poster Contest.
Poster Specifications:
Completed poster size must be 11” x 17” or 12" x 18". Posters may be illustrated on the vertical or horizontal axis.
Designs should be submitted on quality tag, poster illustration board or heavy paper. Construction paper may
be used but winning entries must be mounted on quality tag poster. Lamination is not permitted, and will
disqualify the poster.
There is no limitation on the use and number of colors.
There is no limitation on the type of media -- such as print, crayon, felt pen, etc. -- used on the poster design;
however, wood, plastic, glass or metal should not be part of the poster. Collage materials should not be used.
Glued on pieces will disqualify the poster.
Lettering and Drawing: The poster design may incorporate freehand letters only. Stenciled, pre-printed,
manufactured stick-on or press-on letters or tracings may not be used and will disqualify the poster. Lettering
should be clearly legible, even if used as part of the poster design. Cut paper / stencils (freehand or pre-drawn
stick-on stencils) are not permitted and will disqualify the poster.
Poster designs may not incorporate any copyrighted characters (i.e., comic and/or television characters),
photographs, and magazine or newspaper illustrations.
Drawings must be original, correct in safety concept and the exclusive work of the student entering the
contest in idea, design and execution. All artwork should be positive in approach, demonstrating only proper
school bus safety behaviors. At least a part of a yellow school bus must be present in the poster.
There must be a 3" x 5" card / entry blank securely fastened to the back of the poster which includes the
student's name, grade, age, teacher’s name, school name and school address. Please print clearly. Do not
place name, school, etc., on the front of the poster. Display information on the back only.
An art instructor or art teacher should supervise all work.
Poster Theme:
Every poster and slogan must harmonize with the 2017 poster contest theme:
My Driver - My Safety Hero!
Contestants must illustrate the above theme only. The theme on the poster must be exactly as shown above,
to include all punctuation.
When Can Posters Be Drawn?
Posters can be drawn anytime between September 2016 and September 2017, up to the deadline to submit
an entry. States / provinces often prefer the artwork to be created in the spring and then hold state contest in
the summer to determine which poster(s) will be entered in the national contest. A state / province pupil
transportation association often sponsors these contests. Please contact your state director of pupil
transportation services or NAPT headquarters to obtain the name, telephone number, and/or email of the
person who can best explain the poster contest logistics in your state.
Contest Deadline:
Posters must be received at NAPT Headquarters by October 1, 2017.
Contest Infrastructure:
The National School Bus Safety Poster Contest is sponsored each year by the National Association for Pupil
Transportation, the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services, and the National
School Transportation Association.
The National School Bus Safety Poster Contest is supported by a state / province level infrastructure. The
national contest is open only to winners of state / province contests or contests held by overseas US military
installations. Contact your state director of pupil transportation or the NAPT headquarters for information
about where to submit posters in your state contest. No other posters will be accepted.
As an exception, students who live in a US state, Canadian province, or overseas US military installation that
does not have a contest may submit entries directly to NAPT National School Bus Safety Poster Contest
Committee for evaluation and potential selection for national competition.
Each participating US state, Canadian province, or overseas US military installation may submit one (only first-
place winners) winning poster in each of the following categories: Division #1 - Grades K-2; Division #2 -
Grades 3-5; Division #3 - Grade 6-8; Division #4 - Special Education (Grades K-12); Division #5 - CAD
(Computer Aided Drawing). There is also a separate contest for International entries (Division #6).
Please Note: Division #5 - CAD and Division #6 - International entries are eligible for competition within those
respective divisions, but are not eligible to be the Overall Contest Winner.
All posters and related intellectual property rights become the property of the National Association for Pupil
Transportation upon receipt and are not returned to the artist, his/her parents / legal guardians, art instructor
or art teacher, school, state or contest sponsor, or any other person(s) claiming a right, title, or other interest
in the poster. Posters that have been used for any promotional purposes may not be submitted.
Mailing Instructions:
No more than FIVE posters from each state / province may be entered in the national contest (one in each
Do NOT roll posters. They must be mailed / delivered flat.
Winning posters from each participating state / province / overseas US military installation must be mailed
first class in a flat envelope to:
National School Bus Safety Poster Contest
c/o NAPT
1840 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
Prominent individuals in the field of pupil transportation will evaluate posters during the annual NAPT
Conference & Trade Show. Criteria for the selection of award-winning posters are:
Relationship of the poster design to the school bus safety practices. (Safety Impact)
Originality of the poster and how the idea is expressed in the poster design. (Originality)
Artwork and its execution. (Artistic Quality)
Visual impact of the poster design. (Visual Impact)
The National School Bus Safety Week (NSBSW) Committee has the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply
with all contest requirements.
Prizes will be awarded for each division as follows:
1st Place and Overall Winner $ 500 check
1st Place Winners of remaining 3 divisions $ 250 check
2nd Place Winners of each 4 divisions $ 100 check
3rd Place Winners of each 4 divisions $ 50 check
1st Place Winner CAD division $ 50 check
1st Place Winner International division $ 50 check
The 1st Place / Overall winning poster will be used to promote National School Bus Safety Week in
Please complete and attach this form to the back of each poster
in accordance with poster specifications noted in the contest rules.
Student Name ________________________________________
Grade _________ Age _______ Division____________________
School ______________________________________________
School Address _______________________________________
City _____________________ State _______ ZIP ___________
Teacher's Name ______________________________________
Student’s Home Address _______________________________
City _____________________ State _______ ZIP ___________
Do not place this information on the front of the poster.
Display on the back only.
From the PTSA: Box Tops For Education
Wanted: Box Tops!
Please submit Box Tops for Education by Friday, February 24
Turn them in to your child’s teacher.
Or bundle them, write the name of your child’s teacher on the package, and leave them in the Box Top collection bin up
the stairs from the office.
The classroom with the most Box Tops submissions will earn a pizza party!
Teachers, please submit classroom Box Tops to PTSA box in the mail room by Friday, Feb 24
Best way to turn in Box Tops?
If you have time, clip them to size. Extra weight means more money spent on shipping costs, which
equals less money earned for Lowell.
Ask your neighbors, grandparents, friends to save their Box Tops for Education.
Each Box Top earns Lowell $.10.
Last fall Lowell earned $1004.00!!
Did you know?
Lowell has a Box Tops collection bin just up the stairs from the office. Drop them off any time throughout the year.
Submissions are made to General Mills once in the fall and once in the spring.
Please note: Lowell does NOT collect Labels for Education.
Message from Parent Teachers Student Association (PTSA)
Please show your Lowell school spirit by joining our PTSA! The Lowell PTSA meets on the 2nd Thursday of
each month at 4:00 pm in the library. You do not have to be a member to come to the meetings. However, if
you would like to become a member it is only $10.00. Forms to become a member are located on Lowell’s
website at, For
more information on Lowell’s PTSA, please contact Amber Bennett, Lowell PTSA President at
Parenting the Love and Logic Way
This common sense approach to parenting
will give parents practical ideas about:
Teaching children to make responsible choices
Setting Limits
Empathetic responses
Avoiding power struggles
Helping to develop problem solving skills
Registration Fee
Book (Please send $10.00 book fee along with registration fee)
Hawthorne Elementary
Jan 19 Feb 23 (Thursdays)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Sara Wright & Becky Paslay
(child care provided for 3 yrs. and older)
Adams Elementary
Feb 2 Mar 9 (Thursdays)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Annie Pierce & Christopher Gibbons
Morley Nelson Elementary
Feb 8 Mar 15 (Wednesdays)
4:15 6:15 p.m.
Miranda Palmer & Tenneal Lujan
(child care provided for 3 yrs. and older)
Grace Jordan Elementary
Apr 3 May 8 (Mondays)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Lindsy Thomas & Joni Graham
$ = Registration Fee based on sliding scale
= Book required
Building a Relationship with Your Teen to Last a Lifetime
Formerly “Parenting Teens with Love & Logic”
Being the parent of a teen is rewarding, exciting, and quite often challenging. With skills and
understanding you can guide your teen to be responsible, cooperative, and independent. Learn
unique strategies that will make living with a teen more enjoyable and less stressful
The class will focus on helping parents with:
building a relationship with your teen
adolescent development
boundary setting
navigating conflict
Love and Logic strategies
parental concerns
Registration Fee
Book (Please send $10.00 book fee along with registration fee)
Fairmont Jr. High School
Feb 6 Mar 13 (Mondays) (no class 2/20, will be 2/21-Tuesday)
Joan Parsons & Rita Romberg
6:00 pm 8:00 pm
$ = Registration Fee based on sliding scale
= Book required
Parenting Spirited and Strong-Willed Children
This class will focus on parenting strategies and practical ideas for parents of strong-
willed/spirited children. Also covered in the class will be anger management techniques to avoid
power struggles, knowing the importance of considering your child’s personality and temperament
traits, developing prevention plans to deal with known areas of conflict, managing homework time,
knowing how to balance rules and consequences with love, and discussing cognitive thinking patterns
that affect your child’s response to your parenting.
Registration Fee
No book handouts will be provided
Mountain View Elementary
Jan 23 Mar 6 (Mondays) (no class 2/20)
6:00 8:00 p.m.
Barbara Kennedy & Matt Siron
No child care provided
$ = Registration Fee based on sliding scale
Drug Education
(By administrative referral only)
Family Survival Training:
At-Risk Instruction and Support for Parents:
These classes offer information, practical ideas and support for parents of at-risk teenagers who may or may
not already be involved in substance abuse. Focus is on information on drugs and effects of drugs, tips on
building student strengths and improving family relationships, and providing support for parents.
Student Survival Training for Junior High and High School Students
Six week closed sessions focus on the physical and emotional effects of drugs, how to develop personal
strengths, providing support and self-esteem development.
Drug Free Idaho
Drug Free Idaho offers educational presentations about the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse
for classrooms, employers, and community organizations. The active community coalition gives parents a
resource for current information and collaborative efforts to create a drug free culture in Idaho. For more
information or to schedule a presentation, please visit or call 570-6409.
Youth Classroom Education and Demonstrations
Parent Group & Workplace Education and Demonstrations
Red Ribbon Week Presentations
Volunteerism & Community Coalition
1. Complete this form indicating the class you wish to attend.
Class Name: _________________________________________
Location: ____________________________________________
Your Name(s): ________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________
Zip Code: ____________________________________________
Home Phone: ________________ Work Phone: _____________
2. Please use the sliding scale for fees. Plus $10.00 book fee for Love & Logic
Plus $12.00 book fee for Co-Parenting
Annual Income Cost per family
$10,000 and under $10.00
$10,000-$25,000 $20.00
$25,000-$40,000 $35.00
$40,000 and up $45.00
Lifetime Membership $100.00
A lifetime membership entitles the member to attend any of the Parent Education classes for life.
3. Mail this form with a check, payable to Boise School District.
Boise School District
Attn: Parent Education Center
8169 W. Victory Road
Boise, ID 83709