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Elevator Pitch Explain Your Business

My Company ____________________________________________________ (Name)

Offers __________________________________________________________ (Your Offer)

Helping _________________________________________________________ (Target Audience)

Value Proposition ________________________________________________ (The Problem You Solve

By _____________________________________________________________ (How You DThis)

BankUnited offers business funding and deposit services helping business owners solve their
cash flow problems by listening, learning and providing custom solutions.

Guidance: Explain your business to potential customers and stakeholders. 
Grab the listener's attention by explaining your business (idea) clearly and concisely in one sentence.
 Your offer must be short and easily understood. 
 The audience is your target group most likely to be interested in what you offer. 
 The problemyousolve must resonate with this audience. 
 How you do this provides your unique approach to solving their problem. 

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