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Ajarn Donald's English Language Services uses Zoom the #1 Video Conferencing service. We are able to teach Live Online Interactive Digital English lessons to our learners anywhere in the world. By making our courses Interactive & Digital assures that all learners can be fully engaged with their lessons and they will never be bored. We teach young learners, teenagers, and adults and we teach all levels from Beginner to Advance  Intermediate. We also teach specialized courses such as Business English, Travel English, and Medical English. We use videos, audio, games, flashcards, and many other resources and we do all of this online using Zoom. Please contact us for a FREE Trial.

Born along time ago on a cold and gray Chicago morning. Donald has visited 12 countries around the world but most in Southeast Asia. His first trip to Thailand for a vacation was in the late fall of 1999. Right after Christmas of that same year, he had then decided it would probably really be Awesome to spend his New Year's vacation (Y2K) back in Bangkok.

By late 2001 it was no secret that Donald had fallen in love with Thailand, its food and of course Supawan Inbunna, :) his boss :) So then he made the most important decision of his life and traded in his old rusty snow shovel for some beer, beaches, and bikinis and then he had relocated 8,553 miles Southeast to be able to call Bangkok his second home. He then arrived back in Bangkok exactly 2 months after 9/11. Now 15-years later 11/11/2016, he has taught English to more than 6,700 Thais ages 4-60 years old.

Founded in December 2001 by Donald Patnaude & Supawan Inbunna. During this time he has worked for four private language centers, has taught for four years at three Thai government secondary schools, and has provided consulting services on a wide range of educational topics for local schools and businesses.

Today's Mission: Ajarn Donald's wants to be able to provide within the Kingdom of Thailand to every person who chooses to learn English the best educational products & services to meet their demands, ultimately leading to a successful and productive future in any professional, academic or personal capacity they desire. This also must be done without allowing limitations such as income, religion, nationality etc. stand in the way in our efforts to achieve our goals and that is to find ways to teach everyone who wants/needs to learn the English language. A decision to learn or improve your English language skills + Ajarn Donald's English Language Services = success to your destiny. &