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Brenna Colby


Tech 201


Professor Halverson


Fall 2016

The craziest thing happened to me this semester and this book is here to prove it. While on Pinterest I was looking for a new recipe to make for dinner because I was tired of spaghetti and ramen and I found this website. I could not explain it but I felt compelled to click the link for When I did I was taken to the webpage with all these different option to choose from and since in class we just learned about the early river civilizations I clicked on Mesopotamia and poof I was no longer on the top bunk of my bed but I was standing in the middle of the fertile crescent. I was still me but my computer had turned into a portable typewriter and I had this weird paper to type on, and I understood perfectly the language that was being spoken, but more details on my adventure in Mesopotamia later. The only way to get back to 2016 was to type a recipe that I learned during my travels, and poof I was back in my room with a new page for my cookbook. I hope you enjoy the great adventure. 

Before I begin my story I would like to go over a few things that I learned in this class that helped me understand these civilizations and how advanced they were it is commonly known as FLOW. The F stands for food in abundance, L for labor specialization, O for order and organization of society, and W for writing system.(HoC pg. 3) As you read through my adventures you will be able to recognizes each of these aspect in the stories of the many women that I ran into, because of the impact each part of FLOW had on their live. Please feel free to try the different recipes though it might be hard with out the master there to teach how to make it.  

The first time I ever time traveled was to Mesopotamia. After clicking on the link on my computer I opened my eyes and was in this strange land with a small type writer and the only instructions were to find a recipe and come home to make it for dinner.  So I walked around until I found a structure. To my surprise I was able to understand what they were saying even though everyone was speaking a different language. This woman introduced herself as Bittatum and the women of the house. She began to tell me her story. She told me how her husband worked for the king. He started working for Sargon I but now after his death works for King Hammurabi. She told me how under the new king it was a better life because of his code that rule all of their lives. Bittatum then invited me to dinner and I remembered the instructions on how to get back so I asked if I could help. She showed me a recipe that her husband had brought home from the place, it was written in Cuneiform and thanks to what ever helped me read it I was able to get it down and get home so here it is.

Flat bread with a Sesame oil

Take the wheat and grind it on a stone. After that add clean water along with milk or and egg from an animal. Mix together and roll flat. Take a flat stone heat it up and lay the rolled out wheat on it. After a long while flip the wheat. While it is cooking take the sesame seeds and press them in between two stones. After the bread is complete swipe it on the pressed seeds to add the flavor. 

My next adventure was to Egypt. The same thing happened when I clicked on the link but I was expecting to see Bittatum again, instead I meat Kiya. She was the wife of a man who worked engraving hieroglyphics in the Valley of King and Valley of Queens for Hatshepsut. Kiya told me that she was a great pharaoh in this New Kingdom of Egypt. This was fascinating the next thing I know it is time for dinner and she takes me to the Nile river which she seemed to worship. After that I was able to write this recipe down.

 Fish and grapes

To make it is simple, you must first catch the fish from the Nile river. Then take its back out and head off. After that is done start a fire to heat the fish. Put the fish on a stick and heat over the fire till it changes colors. Serve it with the grapes.

The next day I began to be exited to learn a new recipe from a new amazing women and so I clicked the link again and ended up in India. This is where I meet Lavanya, her family was of the peasant class. Being a Dravidian was not to difficult because her husbands craft was well need that of pottery. This was a stressful time for everyone being only 30 years after the Aryans conquered their people. Lavanya shared with me her struggles to learn Sanskrit and the stress of merging two civilization. She then told me not to worry because her son had just killed his first sambar deer and that we would feast tonight. That is where I got this recipe.

Sambar deer

When in season, after killing the dear and skinning it and taking the good meat, begin a fire. Put the meat on a stick and rotate it until there is no more blood in the meat.

After my meal in India I was a bit hesitant to go back, deer not my favorite anyways I decided to try again. This time I ended up in China, super cool because my sister in law is from there. Any ways I meet a nice women named Feiyan. Her husband worked on the Great Wall along with her sons. Even though they were not very wealthy she was a gracious host. She informed me of the great Emperor Ch’in who has united all of China in the Qin dynasty and the peace and posterity that they had had this year as a civilization. She began to tell me this was because of the silk road they called it that brought in all these new and wonderful things. This was all depicted in the lovely Chinese writing systems. As the night came to a close I want to help her provide food for her family, in exchange for her hospitality, and this is the recipe I received.


Take and build a fire. Put the rice in a pot made of clay that has been heated already. Put the pot on the coals of the fire and wait till the bubbles stop. 

This has become some what of a habit to just get away from Provo, and travel to a wonderful new place and meet so many different wonderful people. This next place had to be one of my favorites. Classical Greece at the height of the arts when I got there I was able to see a drama written by Pericles, and that I where I meet Rhoda. She was well of because her husband was studying under the great physician Hippocrates. They were going to celebrate tonight in congratulation of him taking the Hippocratic Oath and she asked if I would assist her in making this recipe.

Bread and Cheese


Begin with crushing the wheat and adding the water and the egg for a chicken along with other grains for flavor. Begin the fire in the kitchen in the oven. After it is hot and the fire is out place the wheat and water mixture in a stone dish in the oven. Wait until it is golden brown, served with cheese bought at the market

I feel like a pro at time travel this will be my sixth time to visit and ancient civilization. It almost seems unfair to my classmates because I am able to see what life was like for those living in all of these different civilianization and it gives me a greater understanding of the course material. Anyway this time when I clicked on the link I went to Rome. As I wondered though the streets there was this parade of sorts it looked like an army. I turned to the women beside me and asked what was going on. She introduced herself as Clarita and said they these men had just won a battle and that she was here to support her husband. She explained to me that the Patricians had called men to arms to defend the boarders and her husband was called being of the plebian class. She explained that he had gotten a promotion to leader of a maniple, a group of soldiers and that they had done very well. She then invited me back to her house for a celebration of their safe return. I was allowed to help prepare this meal.  

Porridge and Apple  

Take the a few handful of grains and add water that had been boiled in a treated clay pot. Stir and let sit while you slice the apples for the market. 

This next civilization caught me of guard I ended up in Constantinople. This was strange all the other civilization I knew a great deal about but this one I only knew what I had just learned in class and so I think I learned the most from this trip. While in the town of Byzantium I learned about the sea trade trough Agnella who was the wife of a trader on the seas. She explained to me that Constantinople was like the new Rome. That it was superior in all ways. I loved the way that she was able clear up history and I guess it was easier to understand actually being there. She invited me to dinner because her husband was out on a long trade. This is what we ate.

Bread and black olives

Take a three handfuls wheat and mix it with eight dashes of water, add one egg, and the cream and milk mixture. Place on a heated stone and flip until both side have turned brown. Serve with the beautiful black olives from the trades.

The next women I meet was Malak. She lived in the Abbasids dynasty, the Golden Age of Islam. I had a wonder conversation on the beginnings of the religions and the effects that it has had on her life. She told me that her husband was away fighting the Christians in the crusades at the northern boarder. She expressed her concern for him and what would happen if he were to fail in protecting their home and religion. I tried to comfort her but I did not know what to say except to suggest food because that is what helps me. So we began to make her favorite dish.

Chicken and Lemon

Take a chicken from the yard. Break the neck and then, pick the feathers out. Boil water in a pot and dunk the chicken in, wait for it to cool and scrub the chicken clean. Cut the lemon in half, squeeze it on to the chicken. Heat the furnace and after the fire dies, place the chicken in and wait till in browns. After it is brown take it out and squeeze the second half of the lemon over the chicken.

When I traveled to this next time in history it was the only time I was scared for my life, and I wondered why would I trust a website to let me time travel. It took me to Middle Europe and when I got there I immediately thought of the plague. That is until I meet Emma and was not worried at all so I let it go. Emma told me of life in England, or as the romans called Britannia. I never knew where the name Britain came from but now I do. Anyways Emma and her husband were farmers and they were telling me of this wonderful invention that had made them richer than they ever thought possible and that was the heavy plow, pulled by horse. Looking back I was able to be thankful for all the early inventors that made it possible for the things we have today and I thought this is where it all started. She then was dying to share the news she learned in the market today that Henry II, King of England established a new law and he called it the English common law. Emma was assonated with the new judge system that included a jury. She decided to make a large meal to celebrate with the neighbors. This is what she made.

Stew from oats, mutton

Take four handfuls of oats, add water and heat over a fire in a clay pot. Then add peas and herbs. Then take some mutton that has already been cleaned and cook on hot slime stone on the fire, and add the to the stew.

I knew this was my last time travel because the special paper that came with the typewriter, well this was the last piece, so I decide I was going to make the most out of it. When I first opened my eyes after clicking the link I thought I was on a different planet. I was surrounded by trees and more trees, and as I walked I finally found a clearing. Once I saw the clearing I knew exactly where I was. The great Mayan civilization, and my first question I wanted to asked someone which I did not, was did they know when the end of the world was. This adventure would not have been made complete with out meeting Quetzalxchitl. She was so wonderful and gracious. She invited me into her home and allowed me to eat with her family. Her husband was a merchant and had brought a new plant home which she wished to add to her meal so we created this recipe together.

Beans with Chili Peppers

Soak beans in water for two days. Take the Soaked beans and place them in pot with cut chili peppers and mash all together and then place over a fire till warm.