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Lions District 201W1 Cabinet Meeting
Cabinet Papers
Gibson Park Community Centre
148 Gibson Avenue, Padbury WA 6025
Google Map Gibson Park Community Centre
Sunday 3
December 2017
9am for 9.30am start
District Governor Sue Lowe
“Leap Into The Future”
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
1. Agenda 4
2. Executive Reports 5
2.1. District Governor - Sue Lowe 5
2.2. 1
Vice District Governor - Luen Chicote 5
2.3. Immediate Past District Governor - Michael Wolf 6
2.4. Cabinet Secretary Report - Richard Tunmer 6
2.5. Cabinet Treasurer Report - Jill Tunmer 7/8
2.6. Constitution & By-Laws Chairman - Clive Tonkin 8
2.7. Global Leadership Coordinator -Christine Walker 9
2.8. Global Membership Coordinator - PDG Barry Middleton 10
3. Zone Reports 10
Zone Chair Coordinator - Marshall Graham 10
Zone 1 - Jill Middlemass 11
Zone 2 - Daniel Stevens 12
Zone 3 - Tim Powell 13
Zone 4 - Gail McKewan 13
Zone 5 - Bert Stray 14
Zone 6 - Mary-Anne-Wolf 15
Zone 7 - IPDG Michael Wolf 16/17
Zone 8 - PDG Ivan Sturgess 18
Zone 9 - Megan Brassington 18
Zone 10 - Freda Chandler 19
Zone 11 - Wayne Donohoe 20
6. Administration 20
6.1. Australian Lions Foundation - Mary-Anne Wolf 20
6.2. Convention 2017 - Halina Young 20
6.3. Exemplary Service Awards - Sue Renton 21
6.4. Hospitality - Rachael Wydra 21
6.5. Lions Clubs International Foundation - Mary-Anne Wolf 21
6.6. Welfare - Maureen Tonkin 22
6.7. Dryandra & Environment - Hans Hoette 22
6.8 Disasters Coordinator - Mary-Anne Wolf 23
6.9 Magazine Editor - Richard Tunmer 23
6.10. Sergeant-At-Arms - Michael Wainwright 23
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
7. Fundraising 23
7.1. Christmas Cakes - John Tidey 23
7.2. Mints - Allan Lowe 23
8 Communication Services 24
8.1. Information Technology - Ron Freestone 24
8.2 Public Relations - Vacant 25
8.3. Centennial Coordinator - PDG Colin Heap 25
9 Health Services 25
9.1. Children’s’ Mobility Foundation - IPDG Michael Wolf 25
9.2 Drug Awareness - Kerry Donohoe 26
9.3. Hearing Projects - PDG Ivan Sturgess 26
9.4. Cancer & Australian Children’s Cancer Research Foundation - Leonie Getty 26
9.5 Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation - Lex Thompson 27
9.6. Lions Save Sight Foundation including Lions Eye Health Program - PDG Sandra Laundy 28
10 Youth Services 28
10.1 Children of Courage - Pauline Song 28
10.2 Leos - Vacant 28
10.3. Peace Poster - Mal Miskelly 28
10.4. Youth Exchange - Bill Yeo 28
10.5. Youth of the Year - PDG Colin Heap 29
10.6. Children’s Razzamatazz - PDG Rob Meney 29
11. Non - Cabinet Positions 29
11.1. District Historian - PDG Pam Baird 29
11.2. Asset Manager - Richard Tunmer 30
12. General Business 30
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
1. Agenda
1.1. Call to Order DG Sue Lowe
1.2. Attendance - DG Sue Lowe; 1VDG/WALDEF Luen Chicote; PDG/ZC7/CMF Michael Wolf;
CS Richard Tunmer; CT Jill Tunmer; CBL PDG Clive Tonkin; GLT Christine Walker; GMT PDG
Barry Middleton; ZC1 Jill Middlemass; ZC2 Daniel Stevens; ZC5 Bert Stray;
ZC6/ALF/LCIF/Disasters Mary-Ann Wolf; , ZC 8 & Hearing Project Chair PDG Ivan Sturgess; ZC10
Freda Chandler; SAA Mick Wainwright; IT Chairperson Ron Freestone; Mints Chair Allan Lowe;
Cancer Chairperson & ALCCRF Leonie Getty; Save Sight/LEHP PDG Sandra Laundy; LAF Lex
Thompson; Razz-Ma-Tazz PDG Rob Meney; YOTY & Centennial Celebrations PDG Colin Heap;
Welfare Maureen Tonkin; ES Sue Renton; Hospitality Rachael Wydra.
1.3. Apologies - ZCC Marshall Graham; ZC3 Tim Powell; ZC4 Gail McKewen; ZC9 Megan
Brassington; Convention Chairperson Halina Young; Christmas Cakes John Tidey; PP Mal
Miskelly; Dryandra Hans Hoette; Historian PDG Pam Baird.
1.4. Guests Pat Meney
1.5. Lions Code of Ethics
1.6. National Anthem All
1.7. Minutes silence for Lions no longer with us
1.8. Welcome by DG Sue Lowe -
1.9. Self-introduction -
1.10. Lion Purposes -
1.11. Minutes from previous Cabinet meeting
Proposer - Seconder
1.12. Training GLT Chairperson Christine Walker
1.13. Cabinet Reports
1.14. Business Arising from reports -
1.15. General Business -
1.16. Closing Comments
Meeting Closed at -
Next Executive Meeting - Saturday 10th March 2018 at the Gibson Park Community Centre
starting at 1 pm. To be confirm.
Next Cabinet Meeting - Sunday 11th March at the Gibson Park Community Centre - 9:00 am for 9.30
am start. To be confirmed.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
2.1. District Governor
Sue Lowe
Since our last cabinet meeting we have continued to be busy with another ten visits completed as well
as 201W2’s convention. We held our own very successful convention in the beautiful Perth Town Hall.
The resignation of our Second Vice District Governor has left us with elections which will take place
prior to the cabinet meeting. I have heard we have at least one candidate and we look forward to a
good outcome for district. I am sure we will welcome and support our successful candidate. We will
also be filling the position of 2
Vice District Governor 2018-2019.
As we approach the end of the first half of our year we have been in ‘establishment’ mode. There is
a lot to do but we must first ensure a stable base for the future.
Our membership numbers are yet again reduced. This is an ongoing trend which has been going on
for quite a number of years. I need your help to turn this around. We have four members on our
membership team. If you would like some assistance to increase your membership please contact
one of the team as listed in the diary as well as 1stVDG Luen Chicote who is also a member of this
team. We really need to look at the happiness level in our clubs. People join to serve but they also
join to develop a social network. Help new members to fit in and feel needed. Perhaps hold some
social activities and please don’t commit your clubs to too many activities; sometimes members can
be under too much pressure to attend projects.
I would like to be writing a more positive report, however, I am receiving news from a number of clubs
where there are issues between members and there are also issues between clubs. This is not the
way Lions approach our service. If you as cabinet officers see any untoward behaviour perhaps you
could remind those Lions that we have a Code of Ethics and that we owe one another the respect that
goes to every volunteer in our organisation. Please keep in mind the personal rewards we receive as
Wishing you all the very best Christmas with your families and friends. Travel safe and come back
Sue Lowe
2.2. 1
Vice District Governor
Luen Chicote
As member of the GAT, I can confirm that we are working closely via GoToMeetings apart from sharing
information through emails.
The preparation for the DGE training in Sydney in January 2018 involves online courses and yes, with
tests and I am extremely grateful to have finished all the 6 assignments with a score of plus 90%. What
really is important to mention here in this report is about inviting new members, which I will be happy
to share with everyone. One is to be sure to have membership applications on hand for those ready
to join right away. Asking everyone in the club to be responsible for inviting new members is one of
my favourite worldwide best practices. Membership re-sources are available on the website. Club
Membership Chairperson Guide” and Just Ask! Recruiting Guide” are two resources that will be helpful
for clubs to use when developing a growth action plan. As a challenge coming from Wayne Oakes, our
GMT Area Leader, “start asking why we stay in Lions”. It is an ongoing buzz word for a couple of years
now that I come across a few times, “the WHYs”. It is indeed promising and exciting to include that in
our Elevator Speech.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
At this stage, I am sowing the seeds to charter a specialist fitness club and ethnic culture club.
Accordingly, I am seeking sponsor clubs in Zone 1.
In addition to my presentations as per previous Cabinet report, I announced the next District
Convention which will be in Broome at the Civic Centre on 21 - 24 September 2018.
In October, I visited Three Springs Lions Club where I met the newly appointed community
development officer Mel Raffan for the shire. CDO Mel is very keen in involving the local Lions with
the harmony day and future activities in the towns. Subsequent visit was at the Perth Eye Institute.
Professor David Mackey made time to showcase the new clinic, the Lions Lounge and the Harry Perkins
Institute facilities. All Clubs and members who donate to their ongoing re-search will be prominently
listed/mentioned at the honour board in the Lounge.
I only really have 1 more club to visit in February 2018: Lancelin and Districts.
ATTENDANCES since the last Cabinet Meeting
Professor Ralph Martins and Maggie Beer book launch; Hall of Fame Awards Night and 1 Hall of Fame
Board Meeting; Zone 1 meeting; Lions Hearing Foundation AGM and Board Meeting; Lions Cancer
Institute AGM and Board Meeting; Constitution and By-Laws review meeting and 201W2 District
Luen Chicote
2.4. Immediate Past District Governor Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf
The last 3 months have not been too hectic with only a few events worth mentioning. I attended the
W2 District Convention on the Sunday 7
of October in Fremantle. I attended the W1 District
Convention the weekend of 20
to 22
October in Perth City.
The Lions Cancer Foundation AGM was on the 23
October in Jandakot. The Lions Hearing Foundation
AGM was held on the 30
October in Subiaco.
I attended the Lions hall Of Fame Event on 3
November at the Parmelia Hilton. My final meeting as
Director on the Lions Cancer Foundation was on 13
November in Shenton Park.
I supported The Lions Alzheimer’s Research Foundation Dinner with Prof Ralf Martins and Maggie
Beer’s Dinner at the WA Club in Perth City. I attended my last WA Lions Hall Of Fame Meeting at the
Flying Angel Club in Fremantle on 23
of November.
Michael Wolf
2.4. Cabinet Secretary Report
Richard Tunmer
District Convention - registrations and voting went of smoothly with all clubs at Convention registering
Cabinet Reports - Individual emails have been sent to cabinet officers who have not submitted
reports. Some officers are away.
MyLCI a lot more of our Lions clubs are reporting on MyLCI. Individual emails have been sent to all
club secretaries who have not reported membership & activities this month. As at 28
November 19
clubs had not reported on membership. This is far better than previous months.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
District Correspondence we hope to continue uploading correspondence to our District website.
Particularly because we link to the correspondence not only in emails sent to clubs but in our All Club
Mail Out and District Newsletter. Often club request the information again and if the item in question
resides on our website I can just send the link to the club and they can save or download the item.
Multiple District Convention Townsville, North Queensland 4
to 7
May. Time to start thinking and
planning to attend Convention. Registration Forms are not available yet. Please visit this link for more
information -
Finally, I would like to wish all Cabinet Officers a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New
Richard Tunmer
2.5. Cabinet Treasurer Report
Jill Tunmer
It has been an exceeding busy few months since our last Cabinet Meeting, collecting and banking dues
and donations, Convention, Hall of Fame as well as analysing numbers in the balance sheet to
understand the origin of the numbers.
Below is the summary of the balances as well as details relating to a few of the major movements
during the past few months.
Razzmatazz - In terms of ticket sales, as at 31/10/17 we had sold 5743 tickets versus 7762 for the same
time last year. That represents a drop of 26% in ticket sales which equates to a drop in earnings of
$121,140 for the overall project.
At Convention Donations were made totalling $ 62500 as follows: WIRF - $10000, PMH $10000, Lions
Save Sight $10000, Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation $10000, Children’s Mobility $5000, Lions Hearing
Foundation $5000, Asthma Foundation $5000, WANRI $2500, Diabetes WA, $2500, Heart Kids $2500
Convention Finances
Kalgoorlie Convention 2016 - Accounts were reviewed and finalised The result of the Convention
was a loss of $2431.65.
Account Balances Summary
AMP Administration Funds
AMP Activities Funds
Total AMP Funds Invested
Administration Account
Activities - Current Account
Activities - Reserve Account
Total Funds
Razzmatazz - Current Account
Razzmatazz - Reserve Account
Total Razzmatazz Funds
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Perth Host Convention 2017- Still awaiting the results of this Convention, but due to expected revenue
not being realised, this Convention will incur a loss of approximately $4000.
Hall Of Fame - Made a profit this year of $643.22. Mainly because of the contributions from the two
Districts ($1000), as well as Invocare donating $1000. I am currently in the process of finalising the
Hall of Fame accounts for the past five years that our District has administered the finances for this
event and will then be passing over the books as well as any funds we have on hand to W2.
Activities Account
1. Paid out $18257 from the Mobility Funds we are holding, for two walkers costing $9128.50
2. Received in $12,000 from Transdev for the supply of Xmas Cakes. Have not as yet received the
Invoice for these cakes. The profit from this arrangement will be split 50/50 with W2
3. Children of Courage W1 has always done the accounting for this event, so W2 will be taking
it over and running the financial side this year. The costs will be split 50/50.
Audited Accounts
It is concerning that many Club audited accounts are still outstanding. I will be sending urgent
reminders to them all over the coming days and providing the Zone Chairpersons with the information
so that they can also follow up on this as well.
With the exception of Stratton, all Clubs have paid dues for the first half of 2017-18. Stratton has
however paid their prior year outstanding dues as well as their LCI dues outstanding.
Dues for the second half of 2017-18 will be sent out in the first week of January. These are payable
by 15 February 2018. Second Semi-annual dues will be based on the Clubs membership at 31/12/17
as on record with LCI. (Likewise, the first semi-annual dues payments were based on the membership
at 30/6/17)
There are a few prior year outstanding debtor amounts in the balance sheet that I still need to trace
back to establish the origin and validity of, now that I have all the prior year records and will then
either follow up or recommend for write-off.
Accounting System
Managed to fix the problem with the accounting system, so I am no longer having the issue of having
to restore from backups every time. I will still be look to upgrade, but since Reckon has just been
purchased by MYOB, I will be researching further before recommending any change. The accounting
system currently holds all the District records since 2005.
Jill Tunmer
2.6. Constitution & By-Laws Chairman
PDG Clive Tonkin
With District Governor SUE and Vice District Governor Luen I have spent some time going over the
District 201 w1 Constitution and the Lions Clubs Constitution. It was a lengthy process, but the actual
changes are not dramatic.
The proposals we have come up with will need to go to District 201 W1 Cabinet then to the District
Convention at Broome for ratification before being presented to the Department of Commerce for
their final approval.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Unfortunately, our 2
Vice District Governor Alan Lowe has tendered his resignation, and this has
necessitated the need for an election to fill the position of 2
Vice District Governor which will take
place today following the rules of the Lions Constitution and on advice from the Multiple District Legal
Officer, David Skinner.
I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Clive Tonkin
Global Leadership Coordinator
Christine Walker
Offers of assistance are always available to ALL Clubs. There are many Clubs who should be asking
for assistance but do not. Zone Chairpersons are reminded to advise Clubs in their Zones that
assistance is available.
Noranda (10) Zone Chairperson Tim Powell attended a Club meeting and provided a lot of useful
information about membership recruitment. I have not been able to attend their last two meetings
but will be at their next meeting to ascertain what they have decided about a membership drive.
The Club meets on a Tuesday morning and although this is good for most of the current
membership it may not suit new members and I will have a discussion with them about the
possibility of a Club Branch if new members prefer to meet at a different time and place.
Stratton (8) this Club is struggling. There are only two active members and I will be ringing all the
members to ascertain their intentions of staying in the Club. It will also give me an idea of what
may be needed.
The following Clubs have been deemed at risk by LCI
Carnamah, Girrawheen, Maylands, Yanchep Two Rocks and Queens Park Branch Club.
The Global Action Team will be working with these Clubs to improve membership and ensure they
are running as a club should.
Zone Chairperson and GLT member, Megan Brassington and Lion Allan Lowe attended this
Institute. Both graduated.
We will not be sending any Lions to this Institute.
We have 2 Lions whom we would like to send to this Institute.
Christine Walker
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Global Membership Coordinator
PDG Barry Middleton
Members at the beginning of the year: ! ! 839
Members at 26th Nov: ! ! ! ! ! 815
Clubs not reported: !! ! ! ! ! ! 20
Added members: ! YTD: 43 This Month 18
Dropped Members: h YTD: 67 This month 22!
One Club had to drop 5 members because they had added them to take advantage of the International
offer for no Fees for six months, this was fine, but no one had seen them, or had they attended a
meeting or paid District, MD fees. We all need to learn from this and see our members before adding
them, also ensuring they know their obligations to the clubs and Lions. WE also need to ensure they
understand the need for attendance, fees and participation in Club activities. This is firstly the
Sponsors responsibility and secondly the Club members if the sponsor does not know. Fees also need
to be collected before adding them to the books. Clubs cannot carry non-productive non-paying
There are 20 clubs who have not supplied a membership report for the month so Zonies you need to
check if they are your clubs and ensure they do them. In addition, Activity reports are scarce, and I am
sure that there are more things happening than are being reported.
I have attended Maylands club to assist them with some ideas for membership drives, where to look
and who to target using the recruiting wheel. (another great tool to use).
Victoria Park Club has adopted the Perth City Metro Business Club as a Club Branch, so some stability
can be provided for them to find their final member so that they can Charter. They have also taken on
assisting VP Lions with some of their Projects.
Noranda are still in trouble and work is still going on to aid them. Lion Tim Powell attended one of
their meetings to tell them of North Beaches successes to give them some ideas and motivation.
Stratton is still of major concern and work is still going on in the foothills.
Wanneroo is moving forward and looking healthier than it was six months ago so well done to them,
but the big movers are Kingsley Woodvale 3, Bencubbin 3. I think the increase in Bencubbin is
Just a reminder, all club members are responsible for recruiting new members and all clubs should be
looking to start and sponsor new clubs. New clubs are our future and cater for new ideas, new
beginnings, new demographic and new ways of dealing into the future. Expansion is our strength so
let’s start our district growing.
All have a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.
Barry Middleton
3. Zone Reports
Zone Chair Coordinator
ZCC Marshall Graham
Having only received reports from two Zones (Zone 4 & Zone 8) it is very difficult to submit an accurate
report of the activities within the Zones of Lions District 201W1.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
After reading the two Zone reports received, it appears that all clubs within these Zones are operating
smoothly without major problems with the exception of Canning City Lions Club who may have to
have serious discussions regarding the membership of the Queens Park branch club. I do believe that
this matter will be discussed at club level in a proper manner before any action may or may not be
It will have to be left to Lions District 201W1 Cabinet members to discuss any matter that may need
attention should the other (9) reports be submitted.
I would like to extend my thanks to Lion Gail McKewen for her outstanding role in the position of Zone
4 Chairperson during the past years and wish her well in her new endeavours in Bundaberg,
Queensland. Lion Gail you will be missed by Lions District 201W1 and your own Lions Club, Canning
City Lions Club.
Sadly I will not be in attendance at this our Christmas Cabinet meeting for medical reasons and I would
like to wish all of our Lions District 201W1 Cabinet members a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and
Healthy New Year.
Marshall Graham
Zone 1
Jill Middlemass
City of Perth(Host)
Having had a breakfast Zone meeting on 25
November I feel that the Zone is in good shape. Thank
you to the City of Perth (Host) and their various helpers for a successful District Convention.
11 members of the Club have moved to Victoria Park Lions Club with a view to starting a branch club.
The Computer Programme is still well on track. The club is involved with an Artrinsic Award which is
paintings of portraits and it is on display in the BHP building.
Maths Award Year 12 Perth Modern SHS are given at the Year 12 graduation to 2 most talented
students. The Blanket Appeal has been on again this winter. The Stay Sharp Programme is still
ongoing. A guest speaker at the convention was very interesting on this subject.
A function involving The Starlight Foundation was held with 310 people attending. The dinner ran at
a loss but the sale of books made up for the loss. A 2 metre painting by a local artist of Heath Ledger
was auctioned and raised $3000. The clubs share of the funds was $4000
Claremont-Nedlands Lions
Have had a good result with finding entrants for the Youth of the Year programme having 20
Youth Exchange has one student going overseas on 3
Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation a joint project with Bull Creek Lions. The Foundation has recently
launched Maggie Beer and Professor Ralph Martin’s book at the WA Club on 14
November. The
Foundation will receive $2 from each book sold. To date over 40,000 books have been sold with sales
estimated to exceed 70,000 by Christmas. The Book Launch night raised $6937.
Christmas Cakes are for sale again with 14 outlets. Christmas Carols a project in conjunction with
the Town of Claremont is being held at Claremont Oval on 3
December. The club has been involved
with this project in excess of 20 years.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Royal Show Parking has again successful with the project raising $9469 this year.
Other Projects include Mint sales, the annual Sportsman’s Lunch, Town of Claremont deliveries and
sausage sizzles at various events including “Concerts in the Park
Lions Eye Institute
Has no report. Ambrose Di Piazzi from the Institute gave a talk at the District Convention.
Lions Club of Floreat
Has also been very active with recruiting contestants for the Youth of the Year. They have 10
participants. A father of one of the recent contestants has been inspired to join the club along with
one more new member.
“Floreat Lions Club In My Community” initiative has started after an advert offering help to
community groups was released. The club awards a one-off sponsorship of $500 every month to a
worthy community project chosen by the members. The November winner was UWA Guild to help
students in need food bank type. The money will keep them going for 4 months.
Peace Poster competition has some entrants through the club.
Books still to be audited in progress.
Lions Club of Victoria Park
Is involved with the Mia Project by supporting Mia who is handicapped with special needs. Funds were
given for Mia’s mother and Mia to go to Adelaide for special therapy. This is an ongoing project for
the members.
Newspaper recycling is ongoing.
Christmas Cakes are again on sale. The Summer Street Festival was a successful day for selling. They
are available at IGA outlets in the area.
Jill Middlemass
Zone 2
Daniel Stevens
On Friday the 17
November I met with two of Mike Nahan MLA WA State Opposition Leader's staff
at State Parliament the reason being Mike Nahan wants to bring in full day Sunday Trading which will
destroy the Morley flea Market which my club Bassendean Lions is one of four Lions Clubs that
participates in the running of the flea market the meeting went on for 15 minutes and I was able to
leave the staff with a lion magazine and a west lion magazine to give to Mike Nahan so he can read
about the good work lions do in Western Australia.
Planning to have a Zone Meeting in January at the Bassendean RSL Hall
BASSENDEAN LIONS CLUB: Membership 10 ( 1 member planning to resign)
The Club has done its annual donations about 10 thousand dollars one of the donations was a cheque
for five hundred dollars to Foodbank I presented the cheque with two Foodbank senior staff and got
my photo taken wearing my Lions shirt and presenting the cheque to Foodbank.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Bassendean Lions Club will be selling Christmas cakes at the November and December Old Perth Road
Markets which are run by the Swan Valley Rotary Club. They will also be selling Christmas Cakes at
Bunnings in Midland.
Maylands Lions Club participated in the City of Bayswater community volunteers workshop held at
the City of Bayswater council office in Morley. The Club also held a movie-murder mystery fund-raiser
which was successful I will be visiting the club on the 28
November. The clubs Facebook page is doing
well and is updated very well.
MORLEY LIONS CLUB: Membership 19
I attended the Morley Lions Club meeting on Tuesday 7
November. 10 members were present at the
meeting. I gave a talk about membership and how important it is to get new members. I suggested
giving visitors to the club a copy of the lion magazine or west lion magazine.
Club Secretary will give a report on how well the Morley Flea Market went for the year and is planning
on having a flea market meeting with representatives from Morley, Noranda, Ballajura and
Bassendean Lions Clubs.
Daniel Stevens
Zone 3
Tim Powell
Zone 4
Gail McKewen
Well folks this is my last report for Zone 4 201W1 as I am relocating to Bundaberg, Queensland. It has
been a pleasure to Serve My Community and I will certainly be checking out the Clubs in Bundaberg.
Kalamunda Club. Numbers stable, AGM held. They are busy in the run up to Christmas with organising
their new shed area and rounding up all the equipment from members houses to be placed in it. Prizes
to several local schools are being presented by their members, the Parry House Hostel Christmas party
is well into the planning stages, the Fish and Chip night and viewing of the Christmas lights by the
elderly has been organised, just getting them on and off the bus is the challenge but a good time by
all is generally the theme of the night. Christmas sales and venues have been organised and the roster
drawn up. A guest speaker from the Bickley Observatory gave an informative talk at the social meeting
and maybe other clubs could tap into this resource.
Forrestfield High Wycombe. Loss of one member. AGM to be held 27/11, books audited finally. My
concern is how they are going about recruiting new members which is being driven by the President.
The Skin Cancer bus visit has occurred but no feedback on this recent event yet. Cake sales are taking
place. Prizes to local schools are being presented and the Camp next year is 22-28 April and volunteers
are needed. Please contact the club if able to help. They also have an allocation of a shed area at
Kalamunda and are sorting this out.
Canning City. Members numbers stable but we could easily have a branch club at the Murdoch
Hospitals recently. AGM held and the books are audited. The club has been busy with Seniors Have
a Go Day, the manning of the Canning Show gates (weather was kinder this year), the usual Bunnings
BBQ’s, and Cakes sales at Riverton forum are planned again with the roster filling. Three schools were
approached to hold a disadvantaged children’s Christmas party and all declined (the world has become
too politically correct). Shame the children miss out due to adults/govt attitudes. Looking forward to
inducting a new member when he gets back from the farm and harvesting.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Queens Park Branch Club. Whilst they are attending our meetings, I believe Canning City Club will
have to have a serious discussion as to the physical and intellectual capability of the these members
to run the club and gain the correct type of members. I know this sounds harsh but we really have to
be realistic in this venture.
Thank you to everyone who has made my Lions journey in WA an interesting but rewarding one and
looking forward to seeing you in Queensland if you head that way/
Best Wishes to Everyone. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Zone 5
Bert Stray
I believe the Zone to be in a good position with all clubs very active with community projects and
social events . As yet the Zone has not been able to have a zone meeting, a meeting was planned for
26th November and had to be cancelled due to club commitments.
Last Visit : 23rd October 2017
Membership :16
The club is still actively looking at increasing membership. Projects are ongoing as previously detailed,
the swap meet at the new Kingsway City shopping centre venue is now up and running,
with another successful year with the Royal show parking project. The club is coming to a busy
Christmas period, and a fair amount is planned for next year including a proposed visit to Dryandra
Last Visit : 14th November 2017
The club is considering a new meeting venue to cope with any new membership growth as the existing
venue is filled to capacity. The new storage container, is now in use at the Nollamara Tennis club. The
swap meet at Dianella Shopping Centre is now up and running every Saturday morning 6am to 12pm
midday. The club had eleven members attend the Perth Convention a good effort from a single club.
The club has three Christmas cake venues starting 23rd Nov thru to 24th Dec. They are also in need
of reading glasses - hearing aids - newspaper bundles - knitted items - stamps - Aluminium cans - and
household or clothing items (in good condition) to donate to new migrants.
Last Visit : 10th September 2016
Due to club commitments am not able to visit this club until the new year.
The membership has been stable with a couple of prospective members early next year,
two potential members from the failed Mindarie/Butler venture did not eventuate possibly due to
poor communication and slow or no follow up by members , the Christmas cake sales at the
Wanneroo shopping centre will also be used to attract new members. The club is now settled into its
new meeting location at the Wanneroo Sports and Social Centre, with storage facilities at the
Wanneroo Showground, a new sea container purchased by the club.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Last visited : 10th April 2017
Due to club commitments am not able to visit this club until the new year.
The club is still managing its community projects and trying to attract new member.
Bert Stray
Zone 6
Mary-Anne Wolf
Centennial Service Challenge Serve
Zone Total
District Dues
dues paid
Follow up with president
Follow up with President
Ongoing markets, Bunnings sausage sizzles and OZ
book project to 5 schools. Assist a school with their
breakfast club. 3 x Prize wheel fundraising activity
Active Club, starting to sell Christmas
Ongoing children’s train, Oz book project, mint sales,
running swap meets, Selling mints 75 outlets.
Active club. No reports as yet. Did
not attend zone meeting. I will
follow up with president.
Ongoing markets, Mint and Christmas cake sales.
Sponsor Morley LEO club.
Priority club, planning membership
drive in new year. Members
concerned there are lots of ideas but
no one taking action to increase
members. Lion Christine is their
Guiding Lion.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Not any activities at the moment, membership drive
to be planned for the new Lionistic year.
Priority club, planning membership
drive in new year. PDG Colin Heap is
their Guiding Lion
2 members resigned in good standing personality
conflicts, do not want to have an exit interview.
Active club. Actively looking for
members. Held an information
evening, unfortunately no new
members resulted.
Zone chair
DGAM held on 9 October 17. Hosted by Swan Districts
LC. 3 clubs attended, apologies from Stratton they
wanted to have their own meeting. Ellenbrook did
not attend or send apologies.
Questions out of the meeting:
- are there guidelines to give auditors when
auditing Lions clubs accounts?
- Which account does the insurance premium
for LEOS come out of?
Spoke to clubs about ALF membership changes
LCIF Club Coordinator
Convention encouraged members to attend.
Mary-Anne Wolf
Zone 7
IPDG Michael Wolf
Centennial Service Challenge Serve
Club Name
& Districts
Lancelin &
Zone Total
Club Name
District Dues
dues paid
& Districts
Books have been Audited and AGM
was held on 8/8/2017.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Lancelin &
Small amount outstanding to LCI.
Club Name
& Districts
Outline of projects and fundraising activities and
fellowship. Scrap Metal Recycling, Drum muster,
Painting of Machinery, 40th Anniversary Celebration.
Centennial Service Challenge Refurbishment or
replacement of Log in Lions Park in Koorda.
2 Members transferred in from W2.
On my visit I inducted 1 new member
and installed the Board and
Ongoing Recycling Project. Glass, Paper, Cardboard,
Car Batteries.
Active club in small limited
Summary of activities for past 6 months
1-Parking at Barbagelloo raceway over 3 days
2-Avon Descent----bus transfer and parking
3-Official opening of restored Railway Station
4-Market Days at Railway station
5-Gunfire breakfast for local community on Anzac Day
6-Lions Train at various community days (British Car
Day, Wear your Wellies, Lancelin school fete,
7-Contributed funds to Bindoon school camp for
children disadvantaged.
8-Contributed funds to all students attending the
Canberra Camp from Gingin District High School.
9-Contributed funds to Lions projects
10-Helped local community groups with the loan of
our tents or other equipment as needed.
11- Have a member who volunteers on the skin cancer
screening bus (over 100 hours)
Major Project Avon River Decent. Sold $6800.00
worth of tickets , Parking $780.00 and fire wood
Lions Walk for Cancer. Have had to postpone as
Secretary has broken a leg badly.
Members active in their community .
Members work on weekends .
Lancelin &
Club has a Major Recycling Project Selling of Ferrous
and Non Ferrous Scrap Metal.
They also run an Op Shop close to the recycling
project. Future project is the annual Lions Xmas lunch
for seniors proposed date 28 November. Lancelin
Primary School choir will be invited to perform.
Active club in a small town.
Zone chair
I have made contact with all 5 clubs. I have visited
Bencubbin and Goomalling as well as the Lancelin
Lions Op Shop.
DGAM planned for 30 September
or 1
October. Gin-gin Chittering
have offered to host and Clubs not
attending will be joining in on
Michael Wolf
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Zone 8
PDG Ivan Sturgess
Because of distance on November 5th I requested a brief report from both of the Kalgoorlie Clubs.
HANNANS-GOLDFIELDS LIONS CLUB: MyLCI shows 17 active members.
A very active Club within the community. They conduct a monthly market on the first Sunday of each
month. This includes a white elephant stall, sausage sizzle, 2nd hand book stall and operate a Bouncy
castle along with welcoming other stall holders. The Bouncy castles are also taken to the Boulder
Markets every 3rd Sunday. Hannans-Goldfields also operate a second hand Book Shop which is open
every Saturday. With end of year fast approaching they have donated to each of the 14 Primary
Schools in the area for academic and encouragement awards. Also a donation to the Eastern Goldfields
Education Support Group towards a Perpetual trophy, Individual Trophies for Citizenship. Hannans-
Goldfields Lions Club has also supported LCIF for the US Hurricane Appeal.
KALGOORLIE LIONS CLUB: MyLCI shows 17 active members.
Ivan Sturgess
Zone 9
Megan Brassington
Moora Own club Current membership 32
Always busy with projects around the town. Quite a few members unwell or unable to contribute
due to age. A membership drive was held at the annual Moora Show, unfortunately no new
members from this. A new project ahead with the purchase of a food van which will be rebuilt and
fitted for use.
Three springs Current membership 11
Unable to really engage with the President so currently working with Sec and a number of members.
A lot of disharmony continues within the club with some members wishing to either leave, transfer
to Carnamah of put a vote of no confidence in the President. I will continue to work with the
President and members to address these issues however I have discussed this with GLT/GMT.
Carnamah Current membership 6
President Adam is working within the community to promote the club. A lot of projects in the works
and a few prospective members. New project within community to assist families of domestic
violence, providing goods etc..
Big event was held on 11/11 and with just 3 members available to assist I attend and gave support.
Morning Tea for 120 was provided and the club also coordinated the Remembrance Ceremony
followed by a sausage sizzle for the community. This club is really starting to get together and work
as one and I have every confidence that the club will grow in the near future. Discussions with Three
Springs members about holding alternate meetings as only 22kms away as opposed to joining the
Dalwallinu Current membership 11
Sadly the recent passing of Founding member Lion Bill Carter. All members are active within the
I attended a fundraising luncheon to raise money and collect items for Women’s Refuges in Perth. 39
packages were made to be distributed to women who are homeless or the victim of domestic
violence. Next year it is hoped to be able to do the same for Men’s refuges also. The Dalwallinu
Street Christmas Party is on the 8
Dec and a collection of Children’s gifts will be sent to homeless
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
shelters. I have been invited to this event to present the Remembrance item from convention to the
club and Bill’s family. With Harvest time approaching a number of members are not available to
help. All other members pull together to assist. Members work together well and are very happy and
inclusive of older members.
Jurien Bay Current membership 11
President Bernadette and Treasurer Tony have been away on holidays and with DG Sue and Lion
Allan’s commitments to cabinet, whilst still contributing a great deal of their very precious spare
time to the club other members have pulled together to continue with the many projects.
Megan Brassington
Zone 10
Freda Chandler
Greenough Lions Club
This time of the year is busy for Greenough as they hold their monster Christmas raffle, also the selling
of the Lions Christmas Cakes, their capacity of working hours would be around 40-50 hours a week.
Their president and main organizer John, had a heart attack in September which resulted in a
quadruple bypass.
Geraldton Lions Club
Geraldton are winding up for the second of their children’s parties with Batavia Miniature Train
Association on December 3. Hosted a Skin Cancer Clinic in October with one of the local doctors, very
successful with the day being fully booked
Community Markets on the first two Sundays of each month, numbers have been down but Lions are
keeping a presence. Another new member sign up this month
Club will wind down on the 17
December with their own Christmas Party, till Australia Day 2018.
Christmas Cakes selling well, and the centenary tins are running out the door, they have put in their
third order.
Secretary Clive would like to see our Lions Christmas cakes in tins every year (or choice of either tins
or boxed), suggested a red tin with Lions logo. Sausage sizzles happen on a regular basis. Drum muster
always ongoing.
December will be there Senior Citizens Christmas party (luncheon) with around 120 attending.
Holding a Christmas tree for the children and Christmas stocking raffle. Sausage sizzle & burgers
topped off with a present for the children.
Monthly Markets, Drink van, Sausage Sizzle and Train rides and $1 book stall
Paper sorting every Tuesday morning at the local Transfer Station, by 4-5 Lions plus volunteers, work
and social get together plus morning tea with Lion Gwen Jones’s hot, homemade scones.
Drive-In has started up again, canteen assistance by 4 members on a fortnightly basis. Clean out and
sort of a members unit as they were moving organised a garage sale.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Attended the St John Ambulance Emergency Services “It’s a Knockout” event, selling tea, coffee etc.
and Lions train. Ongoing is Stamps, Old spectacles and Hearing Aids, collections.
Freda Chandler
Zone 11
Wayne Donohue -
6. Administration
6.1. Australian Lion Foundation
Mary-Anne Wolf
Convention: Submitted a report for the Convention and put up a display to showcase the foundation.
District Newsletter: Have submitted articles that have been published in the newsletter.
Grant Applications: To date I have submitted 2 applications from clubs and 1 is about to go in. We
have been successful in obtaining 1 matching grant for LC of Victoria Park to assist a disabled young
lady to go for specialised treatment in Adelaide and some ongoing expenses. The 2
one was
unsuccessful as it did not meet the grant criteria.
We are in the process of applying for a disaster grant for Hannan’s Goldfields to assist the food bank
that lost all their fresh food as a result of a freak storm on the 19 November 17. There was a lot of
storm damage to homes but the most significant was that the electricity to the town was out for a
number of days. As a result, the Hannan’s Goldfields are applying for a grant from ALF for food for the
food bank, who lost all their fresh and frozen reserves as a result of there been no electricity to keep
fridges and freezes going.
Mary-Anne Wolf
6.2. Convention 2017
Halina Young
In the ensuing weeks since the District’s Diamond Deeds Convention 2017, the Convention
Committee has met and reviewed the Convention. I have also been working with the Convention
Secretary to finalise the financials as they relate to the Convention.
Overall, the view has been that the Convention was a resounding success in respect to its operation,
the programme, the booklet , the hospitality, and the high level of awareness of Lions WA leading up
to and during the Convention.
There was very positive feedback here regarding the location of the Convention at the Perth Town
Hall and the surrounding Heritage Precinct (in keeping with the Convention theme) . There were a few
glitches such as provision of chairs at Burt Hall on the Friday night.
Attendees were very complimentary of the level of service and quality of food from the caterers that
were engaged for the Convention.
The chicken at the dinner on Saturday night was the main area of “feedback,” for that event.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
There were 123 Conventioneers registered. At this point, financials are yet to be finalised in respect
to final invoices, bond refund from the Perth Town Hall , and a few auction items. A statement of
receipts and payments will be finalised once all entries have been processed and an audit will be
conducted in due course.”
The level of awareness generated for Lions WA was very high and has taken our profile to another
level. This was apparent with the Convention Booklet , our presence in the City for the Convention ,
coverage in the Australian Chinese Times , and the Evensong at St George’s Cathedral. The address at
the Evensong was given by the Reverend Canon Dr John Dunnill, Senior Cannon and Rector , St
Andrew West Nedlands. His theme was Service and in his opening remarks he made reference to the
LSSF. Part of the Prayers Invocation read as,
Let us give thanks to God for all whose labours on earth have been for the benefit of their fellow
men and women: especially for the life and witness of Melvin Jones, the founder of the Lions Clubs,
and for all Lions who have given of themselves here in Western Australia for these last five-five
years. And let us pray for God’s blessing for their continue mission.”
I am deeply grateful for the tireless efforts of all members of the Convention Committee that gave of
their time and effort in order to realise the Convention and make it a success.
Thank you also to all those Conventioneers that joined us for the Convention and for sharing in the
Celebration of our Centenary and the service of Lions to 201W1.
Most especially thank you to DG Sue Lowe for her faith in us to deliver the Convention and her
guidance and leadership throughout. Thanks also to Alan. The support from everyone has been
I wish all Cabinet Officers a most rewarding time in service and personally in the year ahead.
Halina Young
6.3. Exemplary Service Awards
Sue Renton
Nothing to report.
6.4. Hospitality
Rachael Wydra
Nothing to report
6.5. Lions Clubs International Foundation
Mary-Anne Wolf
We are approaching LCIF’s 50
Anniversary in June 2018.
From LCIF Head office: A website is being created that will tell powerful stories of what Lions have
been able to accomplish with support from their foundation. launches on November 28,
2017, and each month will feature new photos, videos and stories as well as a monthly contest series.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Lions and Leos can enter the "Together We Can" contest series for a chance to win an exclusive LCIF
50th anniversary commemorative medal, available only to contest winners! Contest winners will also
be recognized at the 2018 Lions Clubs International Convention in Las Vegas. Visit on
November 28, and return often for more chances to win!
Measles LCIF needs to still raise another US$8 000 000.00 by the end of this calendar year to qualify
for the matching grants (US$30 000 000.00) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK’s
Department for International Development (DFID). Without the Lions $30 000 000.00 we will not
receive the matching grants to continue this life saving project to its fullest extent. To date we have
vaccinated 43.9 million children in 21 countries. If we do make our target we could double that.
Club LCIF Coordinator: This is a new position that LCI have added to the board of club directors from
We currently still only have 4 clubs that have appointed a Club LCIF club coordinator according to the
LCI website. If your club has appointed a Lion to fulfil this position please ask the secretary to update
the officers in the My LCI webpage. (same place as they do their monthly report.)
I have not yet met with the GAT to discuss a strategy for this to occur as I think we need to do a
measured approached to introduce this position to clubs
Fundraising District Goal: W1 has been given a budget of US$23841.00 and as of 10/11/17 we have
had 16 clubs out of 44 clubs in the district donate US$12,824.63 which is just over half of the budget.
Thank you to all the clubs.
Mary-Anne Wolf
6.6. Welfare
Maureen Tonkin
Several sympathy and get-well cards have been sent on behalf of the District.
Maureen Tonkin
6.7. Dryandra & Environment
Hans Hoette
Following the morning board meeting, the scheduled statuary AGM commenced at 12.00 pm. It was
held at the newly refurbished Tamar Hall. Proceedings were dealt with quickly and a quorum
established with the attendance of 14 club delegates.
This year we had the privilege and presence of the Governor Sue Lowe And Alan Lowe plus other lion
As to village matters, selected cottages have been being gentrified by installing reverse aircons as well
as roof insulation, to Concede to public wishes (complaints Another concern is the much-needed
upgrade of the children's playground.
Various public park playground designs have been visited to assess suitability for our requirements
and budget.
On November 18th we gathered for the last board meeting of the year following by a Christmas party
enjoyed by everyone.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
For further information please refer to the November Newsletter. Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year to the governor Sue and all Cab
Hans Hoette
6.8. Disasters Coordinator
Mary-Anne Wolf
To date there have been 1 local disaster to report. Kalgoorlie was hit by a freak storm on the 19
November 17. There was a lot of storm damage to homes but the most significant was that the
electricity to the town was out for a number of days. As a result, the Hannan’s Goldfields are applying
for a grant from ALF for food for the food bank, who lost all their fresh and frozen reserves as a result
of there been no electricity to keep fridges and freezes going.
I still plan to go over the list of equipment available in the district so we have an up to date list if we
ever require any equipment.`
Mary-Anne Wolf
6.9. Magazine Editor
Richard Tunmer
Goes out every month with reports, articles & photos from clubs & District Officers.
6.10. Sergeant-At-Arms
Michael Wainwright
Attended the Cancer Institute AGM and Board meetings as a Director representative of 201W1.
Michael Wainwright
7. Fundraising
7.1. Christmas Cakes
John Tidey
Waiting for latest figures on Cake sales to W1 clubs, hopefully will have by Sunday.
Have received Club Cake Chairman’s advice form from 24 of 44 Clubs.
Reminded Clubs that final day for Cake orders is 7
Will start reminding Clubs that all Cake purchases must be paid for by 31
January 2018
John Tidey
7.2. Mints
Alan Lowe
Mint Sales have been pretty ordinary up to the end of October with sales to W1 clubs at approx. 75%
compared to 2016 figures and only 66% of our annual target. Some 24 clubs are taking part in the
mint programme compared to 27 last year.
My personal belief is that there are 3 major factors:
Aging Membership
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Poor service from the manufacturer.
1. There is not much I can do about ageing membership we are all getting older and less
capable of multi-tasking
2. I have spoken to the National Manager of the Marketing Committee and have advised him of
the failure of Dollar Sweets to keep sufficient stock of all Lions Mints I have heard many
stories where customers have had to wait up to 2 months for what they have ordered. As a
result, clubs run out of their mints and lose customers, so the demand goes down. Once this
happens, it is hard to regain the customers as they move on to other products.
He told me that the process of replacing Dollar Sweets as a supplier is a lengthy process and
nobody wants to take it on. So, it appears that we are going to continue with poor service from Dollar
Sweets and that can only end badly. Sales will continue to go down, orders will be less frequent,
repeat, repeat…………….. until the supplier advises that we are not ordering enough to make it
worthwhile, so we will cancel the agreement with Lions Australia. I’m probably being too pessimistic
but that’s how I see it working out!!
As of the end of September, no club in W1 has ordered Travel mints they may be reluctant
to buy a whole carton and not be able to sell them plus they are unable to leave them on counters as
there is a high possibility of them being stolen. You would only have to lose a few and your profit
would disappear!! Dongara Denison Lions Club have expressed interest but I have yet to see any sales
figures for October.
3. Recently, we have been encouraged to take on diabetes with one of the causes being too
much sugar in our diet. This can only lead to reduced volume of sales as we are taking on the
challenge of fighting diabetes and selling one of the causes!
Also of note, is that our long-time customer service lady at Dollar Sweets, Tanya Nati, left Dollar Sweets
recently and the enquiry line has moved to Dollar Sweets staff at Pakenham in Victoria, where the
mints are made. They have also re-designed the order form but there are no changes to the pricing
structure but there is Postal Address change so use the new mint order form. A copy will be
circulated to all W1 clubs soon.
Also, our Vice-Chairman of the National Committee, responsible for the mints side of things, has had
to resign due to ill health. This may be partly responsible for us not receiving statistics for October. A
new vice-chairman was appointed recently.
Allan Lowe
8. Communications
8.1. Information Technology
Ron Freestone
A back up for me needs to be found as soon as possible to be the webmaster for our District’s website
The practice of putting incoming mail from Cabinet Secretary up on our District website at cease immediately and revert to sending it all
direct to Club Secretaries as used to occur until recently. “You can lead a horse to water but can’t
make them drink”.
Similarly, “You can point Club Secretaries to the above webpage but you cannot make them look at
it”. I think it would be a safe bet to say that none or very few actually do it and hence the mail is not
passed on to club members
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Ron Freestone
8.2. Public Relations
8.3. Centennial Coordinator
PDG Colin Heap
Lions Clubs International is now into the final seven months of our centennial celebrations. There are
still opportunities to promote the centennial in our communities.
The International President has announced a new award for Lions who have shown leadership and
dedication to the promotion of Legacy projects in their communities. There are details on the website
and I also have the application forms.
It is still important that clubs continue to report the projects that come under the centennial service
challenge as we strive to serve as many people worldwide as we can. Lions is well on the way to 200
million acts of service under this programme.
June 2018 will be the end of the celebrations so keep those projects happening.
The district and myself have regalia that can be displayed at these projects when you have a public
unveiling or a media opportunity.
Colin Heap
9. Health Services
9.1. Children’s Mobility Foundation
IPDG Michael Wolf
The year has started off with an unusually high demand for Hart Walkers which are an expensive item
to supply and maintain.
We have decided to use up money that has been donated by Clubs recently to finance 2 Hart Walkers
in the general Perth area.
I have asked for Clubs to assist at this stage but most have spent their money on other causes.
We have released funds for the following 2 requests and will be looking for Clubs to adopt the
recipients as we will have an official handover with Press coverage.
Request 1
First Name
Sex (Male/Female)
Geographical Location
Type of Walker
David Hart Walker
Grant Application Number
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
Request 2
First Name
Sex (Male/Female)
Geographical Location
Type of Walker
HD Hart Walker
Grant Application Number
I am also working on a similar request for a walker for a child in Churchlands which will cost $9900.00.
Michael Wolf
9.2. Drug Awareness
Kerry Donohue
9.3. Hearing Projects
PDG Ivan Sturgess
I attended the Lions Hearing Foundation AGM where Professor Marcus Atlas shared with those
present some of the ground breaking work being carried out at the ESIA. This research keeps our ESIA
in front of the world which should make every Lion feel proud. I am continuing my work with the
Hearing Bus but of recent most events are with W2 clubs. Geraldton have booked the Hearing Bus for
early next year.
I advised Clubs in that region and now have bookings in Dongara, Moora and Jurien Bay. Will keep the
Bus in Jurien Bay and service these events from there. The Hearing Foundation has enlisted the
assistance of the ESIA Marketing Dept. to produce new brochures. There are not very many Lions in
WA who understand the working association between the ESIA, Lions Hearing Clinics and our own Lion
Hearing Foundation. We all work very closely together and support each other. It is a very important
working association and would be advantageous if this can be strengthened. Hope to have new
literature in near future.
HEARING DOGS: Have been advised by the Lions Hearing Dog Training Centre that there has been an
initial application received from a client in Tuart hill. Will keep Members informed of progress as news
comes to hand. Still have Hearing Dog calendars available.
Ivan Sturgess
9.4. Cancer & Australian Lions Children Cancer Research Foundation
Leonie Getty
Unfortunately, I need to start off with some very sad news, Dr Paul Katris has tragically passed away
in late November. Paul has been a member of the Lions Cancer Institute Inc. for many years as our
Scientific and Medical Advisor. Our condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
A question was raised by a club asking how much Medicare rebates the Lions Cancer Institute Inc.
receives? I would like to advise that we receive no Medicare Benefits at all and are unable to claim
any. This is why we depend on our Lions Clubs for your financial support.
Some results from the recent screenings are Toodyay- 81 patients were screened with 32 people
referred to their GP’s with a total number of lesions 63 and considered life threatening was 9.
Bunbury, W2 Convention, Boyup-Brook and Cowaramup 260 patients screened with 26 possible life
threatening lesions.
Next year we are currently organising the Pilbra and North West screenings so if you are interested
please complete the request form on the Lions Cancer Institute Inc. webpage. I would like to take this
opportunity to thank all the drivers, screeners and all other volunteers for their time and especially
for doing the long distance visits.
Regarding the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation we still need your support in
either a direct donation or joining our Biggest BBQ or purchasing one of the many Awards we have
available including the Barry Palmer Fellowship.
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 0437 163 059.
We would also like to wish every Lions member and their families a safe and Merry Christmas.
Thank you for your support.
Leonie Getty JP
9.5. Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation
Lex Thompson
Book Launch
The most significant item that has taken place since our last report was the launch of the book called
('A Recipe for Life" written by Maggie Beer in association with Professor Ralph Martins. The book
which has over 200 recipes made up of healthy foods which research shows can slow down the
progression of Alzheimer's disease, was officially launched on 6
October. Since then, Maggie and
Ralph have been touring Australia promoting the book at Dymock's stores and other venues as well
as making television appearances and doing radio interviews.
Here in Perth, the launch was held on the evening of 14
November at the WA Club which was
attended by 100 people, the maximum the venue could hold. The Lions Alzheimer's Foundation had
a sub- committee who worked on the event which went off very well. Tickets were $120.00 each and
we had 20 people on a waiting list in case there was a cancellation.
The event raised $6900.00 on the night from ticket sales, a raffle and an auction and over 70 books
were sold. From each book sold, the Lions Alzheimer's Foundation receives $2.00 and on our last
report, over 45000 copies have been sold throughout Australia with the expectation that over 75000
will be sold by Christmas. At the time of writing, it was the third highest best seller in Australia.
Donations Now Tax Deductible
The other newsworthy item is that donations to the Lions Alzheimer's Foundation are now Tax
deductible. We received approval from the Tax Office in late October. We are in the process of
designing a new website and a new brochure which will highlight this and allow us to encourage the
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
public to contribute to the Foundation and receive a tax deduction for their contributions. Up until
now, all our funds have come through donations from Lions Clubs but this will open a brand new
door for us where we should be able to encourage direct donations from the public.
Watch this space.
Lex Thompson
9.6. Lions Save Sight Foundation including Lions Eye Health Program
PDG Sandra Laundy
Lions Lounge
The Foundation is currently in the process of sending correspondence to all Clubs with a proposal to
support the establishment of a Lion’s Lounge in the Lions Eye Institute building. The proposal is to ask
Clubs to Pledge $1000 or $500 for three consecutive years. A waiting room in the revamped clinicians’
area will be rebadged to the Lions Lounge” and all Clubs who commit to the programme will have
their names displayed by way of a plaque. As some 5000 people pas through the LEI each year, this is
good publicity for Lions and those Clubs involved.
Wally’s Walk for Sight
PDG Wally Barratt has again conducted this walk and a sum of $5000 was raised. PDG Wally has been
organising this project for 23 years and during that time a total of approximately $90,000 has been
raised. Amazing what one Lion can do.
Gold Nugget Raffle.
The President of Nannup Lions Club has donated a gold nugget, authentically valued at $12.500.
President Chris Morton is blind and wishes that the proceeds go to the Lions Eye Institute. The Raffle
time has been extended to mid-February and with 10,000 tickets at $10, this is a “once in a lifetime
opportunity”. Club secretaries should have received notification, so can Clubs please give it their
Convention Display.
It was a shame that more Lions didn’t visit the display area. There was much to learn about and plenty
of information to take back to members Clubs. I would Like to thank BDG Barry for ferrying me and
all the material to the Convention and setting up.
Sandra Laundy
10. Youth Services
10.1. Children of Courage
Pauline Song
10.2. Leos
10.3. Peace Poster
Mal Miskelly
10.4. Youth Exchange
Bill Yeo
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
10.5. Youth of the Year
I have visited some schools recently with Lion Bill Yeo from the Perth Business branch club to talk to
and promote this great programme. Peter Gillet from Claremont Nedlands and Carmel Ward from
Duncraig have also been promoting the programme in the schools in their areas.
I will mention the crucial dates again. Club judging should be completed by the 28
of February 2018.
The Region finals will be held on the weekend of the 10
and 11
of March. The district final will be
held on Saturday the 24
of March and the State final will be on Saturday the 7
of April. There will
also be an information session held on the 17
of February at the Claremont Yacht club for students
and parents.
The district will start receiving the entry forms soon from the students wishing to take part and we
will be looking for clubs to hold a club judging.
I will aim to keep the information flowing to the clubs. This programme is one of the best and most
positive programmes that your club can be involved with.
Colin Heap
10.6. Children’s Razzamatazz
PDG Rob Meney
At our 201W1 Convention nine out of the ten selected beneficiaries presented and IPDG Michael
Wolf assisted with the handing over $60,000 dollars. WANRI (West Australian Neurological Institute)
did not show. Their cheque has since been delivered to them and received with thanks and apologies
for the “no Show”. The total amount given to assist with Medical research and treatment was
therefore $62,500.
At time of writing, we have $3632.62 in the contingency account.
As reported before, our tele marketing is now being conducted from Melbourne and time will tell if
this will be an improvement or not.
My thanks to Treasurer Jill for looking after the banking, Michael for his sterling performance on
stage at the Convention and to Pat for delivering the final cheque to WANRI. I was once again in
hospital, so no photos were taken.
Rob Meney
11. Non-Cabinet Positions
11.1. District Historian
PDG Pam Baird
First of all my apologies for not being able to attend the special meeting to be held on Sunday 3
December 2017 regarding election of 2
VDG & 1
VDG we have a houseful of family members from
Brisbane for upcoming family wedding for that particular weekend.
As above is a non-Cabinet position I am not actually required to attend the Cabinet Meeting on 3
December 2017 but will try to keep District up-to-date as to what I have achieved since my last report.
Previous historian Ray Zinner has been advised that the District will store all paraphernalia he has at
his house in Collie (as advised in my last report). Since then I have been given a box full of Bannerettes
which look like were previously given to a Past District Governor of many years ago I separated them
into current and non-current Clubs, unbelievably there were 31 Bannerettes from Clubs who are now
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 3
December 2017
David & I, with other Club members, went to the 40
Anniversary of the Bencubbin Lions Club and,
while there, I was given the history of that Club although still waiting for clarification of how many
were Charter members. The Charter says 30, the programme differed and two members who were
present on that night have given me different stories. Will follow up!
At the W1 District Convention I mentioned I was interested in the history of any Club, such to be
forwarded to me. Amazingly enough I have already received the history of one Club, told who to get
in touch with re Scarborough Lions Club and have also received paraphernalia relating to that Club.
An ex-member of a Club in W1 advised me he will get me up-to-date on the early history of that
particular Club in District W1. All very promising.
It will be a long labour-intensive job trying to get Clubs to relay their history to me what is very
upsetting is the lost history of many of the 31 Clubs I mentioned above.
Finally I would like to wish DG Sue and Allan Lowe a Merry Xmas, where has the year gone! We are
just about to say farewell to 2017 and welcome 2018. So Happy New Year to everyone for 2018.
Pamela BAIRD
11.2. Asset Manager
Richard Tunmer
We obtained two sets of shelving from Ocean Reef Lions who have closed down. All the additional
District assets such as banner poles and bases are now sitting on shelves.
We do have a raffle drum if any club wishes to use it.
Richard Tunmer
12. General Business