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Lions District 201W1 Cabinet Meeting
Cabinet Papers and Minutes
Gibson Park Community Centre
148 Gibson Avenue, Padbury WA 6025
Google Map Gibson Park Community Centre
Sunday 10
September 2017
9am for 9.30 am start
District Governor Sue Lowe
“Leap Into The Future
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
1. Agenda 4
2. Executive Reports 5
2.1. District Governor - Sue Lowe 5
2.2. 1
Vice District Governor - Luen Chicote 5
2.3. 2nd Vice District Governor - Alan Lowe 6
2.4. Immediate Past District Governor - Michael Wolf 7
2.5. Cabinet Secretary Report - Richard Tunmer 7
2.6. Cabinet Treasurer Report - Jill Tunmer 8/9
2.7. Constitution & By-Laws Chairman - Clive Tonkin 10
3. Zone Reports 10
Zone Chair Coordinator - Marshall Graham 10
Zone 1 - Jill Middlemass 10
Zone 2 - Daniel Stevens 11
Zone 3 - Tim Powell 11
Zone 4 - Gail McKewan 12
Zone 5 - Bert Stray 12
Zone 6 - Mary-Anne-Wolf 13
Zone 7 - IPDG Michael Wolf 14/15
Zone 8 - PDG Ivan Sturgess 16
Zone 9 - Megan Brassington 16
Zone 10 - Freda Chandler 17
Zone 11 - Wayne Donohoe 18
4. Global Leadership Coordinator -Christine Walker 18
5. Global Membership Coordinator - PDG Barry Middleton 19
6. Administration 19
6.1. Australian Lions Foundation - Mary-Anne Wolf 19
6.2. Convention 2017 - Halina Young 19
6.3. Exemplary Service Awards - Sue Renton 20
6.4. Hospitality - Rachael Wydra 20
6.5. Lions Clubs International Foundation - Mary-Anne Wolf 20
6.6. Welfare - Maureen Tonkin 21
6.7. Dryandra & Environment - Hans Hoette 21
6.8 Disasters Coordinator - Mary-Anne Wolf 22
6.9 Magazine Editor - Richard Tunmer 22
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
6.10. Sergeant-At-Arms - Michael Wainwright 22
7. Fundraising 22
7.1. Christmas Cakes - John Tidey 22
7.2. Mints - Allan Lowe 22
8 Communication Services 23
8.1. Information Technology - Ron Freestone 23
8.2 Public Relations - Philip Couper 23
8.3. Centennial Coordinator - PDG Colin Heap 24
9 Health Services 24
9.1. Children’s’ Mobility Foundation - IPDG Michael Wolf 24
9.2 Drug Awareness - Kerry Donohoe 24
9.3. Hearing Projects - PDG Ivan Sturgess 24
9.4. Cancer & Australian Children’s Cancer Research Foundation - Leonie Getty 25
9.5 Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation - Lex Thompson 25
9.6. Lions Save Sight Foundation including Lions Eye Health Program - PDG Sandra Laundy 26
10 Youth Services 27
10.1 Children of Courage - Pauline Song 27
10.2 Leos - Philip Couper 27
10.3. Peace Poster - Mal Miskelly 27
10.4. Youth Exchange - Bill Yeo 27
10.5. Youth of the Year - 27
10.6. Children’s Razzamatazz - PDG Rob Meney 27
11. Non - Cabinet Positions 28
11.1. District Historian - PDG Pam Baird 28
11.2. Asset Manager - Richard Tunmer 28
12. General Business 28
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
1 Agenda
1.1. Call to Order DG Sue Lowe
1.2. Attendance - DG Sue Lowe; PDG/ZC7/CMF Michael Wolf; 1VDG/WALDEF Luen Chicote;
2VDG/Mints Allan Lowe; CS Richard Tunmer; CT Jill Tunmer; CBL PDB Clive Tonkin; ZC1 Jill
Middlemass; ZC3 Tim Powell; ZC4 Gail McKewen; ZC6/ALF/LCIF/Disasters Mary-Ann Wolf; GLT
Christine Walker; SAA Mick Wainwright; PR/Leos Philip Couper; Save Sight/LEHP PDG Sandra
Laundy; LAF Lex Thompson; Razz-Ma-Tazz PDG Rob Meney; PP Mal Miskelly; Dryandra Hans
Hoette; Welfare Maureen Tonkin; Centennial Celebrations PDG Colin Heap; ES Sue Renton;
Hospitality Rachael Wydra;. COC Pauline Song; Youth Exchange Bill Yeo & ZC2 Daniel Stevens.
1.3. Apologies - IT Chairperson Ron Freestone, Zone 8 & Hearing Project Chairperson PDG Ivan
Sturgess; GMT Chairperson PDG Barry Middleton; Convention Chairperson Halina Young; Zone
10 Chairperson Freda Chandler; Cancer Chairperson & ALCCRF Leonie Getty; ZCC Marshall
Graham; ZC9/Megan Brassington; Christmas Cakes John Tidey & ZC5 Bert Stray.
1.4. Guests Pamela Baird, David Baird, Pat Meney
1.5. Lions Code of Ethics Mary-Anne Wolf
1.6. National Anthem All
1.7. Minutes silence for Lions no longer with us
1.8. Welcome by DG Sue Lowe DG Sue welcomed all present and thanked all for attending
the first Cabinet Meeting of the new Lionistic Year. She also thanked all Cabinet Officers who
submitted their reports and asked that reports are sent in timeously 1 week before each
Cabinet meeting so Officers have time to read them.
1.9. Self-introduction
1.10. Lion Purposes Jill Middlemass
1.11. Minutes from previous Cabinet meeting
Proposer Mary-Anne Wolf Seconder Maureen Tonkin Carried
1.12. Training GLT Chairperson Christine Walker gave a presentation on the Global Action
Team & and handed out information.
1.13. Cabinet Reports Motion “That all Cabinet Reports be Accepted” Moved PDG Rob
Meney & Seconded Mary-Anne Wolf. Motion Carried.
1.14. Business Arising from reports see under reports.
1.15. General Business
1.16. Closing Comments
Meeting Closed at 2.25 pm.
Next Executive Meeting - Saturday 2
December at the Gibson Park Community Centre
starting at 1 pm.
Next Cabinet Meeting - Sunday 3
December at the Gibson Park Community Centre - 9:00 am for 9.30
am start.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
2.1. District Governor
Sue Lowe
Visitations are occurring generally as scheduled. To date I have completed visits to 12 clubs half
way there. Also completed are two GMT/GLT and two DG/Executive GoTo Meetings. It is so good to
have this tool to keep in contact with our membership, leadership and executive teams.
Allan and I are off to the Council of Governors meeting in Ballarat followed by the Australian New
Zealand Indonesia (ANZI) forum and then Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI) for Allan in
Melbourne because he needs to be trained up to become District Governor in a couple of years. While
it may sound like a junket please let me assure you that we will pay for our own accommodation while
attending ANZI and I will pay for my own accommodation when staying on while Allan completes his
ALLI course. District is also sending Megan Brassington to this institute. Megan is a senior Lion and we
need more trained leaders.
Our Cabinet Secretary Richard is working well, and together, we have introduced the new on-line mail
system which reduces the number of emails going out to clubs. Ron Freestone is cooperating with
Richard to ensure the items are accessible on the District website. We have received positive
comments on this move.
Cabinet Treasurer Jill Tunmer has worked on our district budget and access to our bank accounts we
are almost sorted out. We are still to gain access to the AMP account which holds most of our capital
but this is a work in progress. Jill’s support is invaluable.
Another star is Michael Wolf who has taken on the most difficult zone; difficult because the zone has
not had an active Zone Chair for some years. Michael has completed visits to most clubs and is trying
to remind the clubs of what a Zone Meeting is the clubs seem to have forgotten so he has his work
cut out.
We have had several occasions of unrest and some need for direction in some of our clubs, however,
this is being facilitated by the appointment of some Guiding Lions. Well done to those who have
stepped up and taken on this training and subsequent appointment to clubs.
We are working on our District constitution and will have news very soon.
I have a very fortunate in my recruiting campaign for Cabinet Offices and have filled all but one
vacancy. I have been unable to secure a Youth of the Year Chairperson, very sad for our District,
however, Margaret Amm, State Coordinator for YOTY has volunteered to oversee our programme as
well. We are very fortunate that Margaret has such a good heart. Margaret will work with the team
already in place in our district.
Sue Lowe
2.2. 1
Vice District Governor
Luen Chicote
I continue to proactively invite people I meet to attend meetings at their local clubs. I also invited
them to visit our website and fill out an online form to direct them to the closest club to either their
place of work and/or residence.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
The name of the branch for the City of Perth which was approved by LCI is Perth Metro Business Club
and there are 18 members at the last count. Our President for this branch is Lion Pauline Song.
During the club visit on behalf of DG Sue Lowe in Whitford, I inducted MLA Peter Katsambanis as a
new member for this Club. Whitford Club Lions gave their apologies for their absence during our
District Convention because they have already planned for the biggest fundraising event for the club:
relay for life.
It has been a busy couple of months and this month is the same with the visits to the following clubs:
in July: City of Perth (Host), Newman, Girrawheen and Maylands
in August: Carnarvon, Exmouth Lioness; Karratha, Dongara Denison, Duncraig & Whitford.
In September: Jurien Bay, Wanneroo, Broome, Broome Lioness, Kingsley-Woodvale, Claremont
I encouraged President Wayne Donohue of Karratha Lions Club to increase the membership there by
following up 3 online enquiries. The names of the prospective members were emailed to me by Lion
Pam Baird and I printed them out so that they can refer to it as soon as possible. I managed to squeeze
in a meeting with the Executive of the Club there for the LCI report and decided to email them the
links of the video presentations and most importantly DG Sue Lowe’s message. The experience of
being part of the FeNACling during this visit was very humbling.
Here are more highlights at my Club Visits:
Introduction of International President Naresh Aggarwal on video;
Introduction of Lions Global Service Framework: Diabetes, Environment, Hunger, Pediatric Cancer &
Vision, on video;
Lions Clubs Membership on video;
Lions Clubs Anthem: We Serve, also on video
The most recent is the presentation of the Sausage advertisement, which only runs for 45seconds.
Encouraging clubs to attend the District Convention by handing a copy of the registration form to the
President for action;
Encouraging the clubs to invite more members by handing a copy of the recent membership form
from the website to the Membership Chairperson via the President.
Encouraging the clubs to support LCIF and to pay their District and International Dues on time.
The new Chairperson for this Foundation is Kerry Donohue and I handed over all the pins, brochures
and tidy bags to Lion Kerry during my visit to Karratha.
VDG Luen expressed her gratitude for the kind thoughts & prayers on the passing of her father.
She also thanked 2
VDG Allan Lowe for undertaking the Floreat Lions Club visit.
2.3. 2nd Vice District Governor
Allan Lowe
Having only recently nominated for this position, not a lot has happened, however, as partner of DG
Sue, I have been doing a lot of travelling attending clubs and have taken part in DG Team meeting,
GLT/GMT Meetings and this is all part of the learning curve. The schedule of the DG team attending
clubs was formulated long before I was appointed and I have not been allocated any club visits this
year, however, I did attend Floreat LC in place of 1VDG Luen in August and both DG Sue and I were
warmly welcomed.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
I will be accompanying Sue to Ballarat and will be attending the ANZI Forum after the Council of
Governor’s meetings are complete. Following that, I will travel to Melbourne and attend the ALLI
(Advanced Lions Leadership Institute) and have already started the study required and had meetings
with others in my group. I am looking forward to attending this Institute.
I am looking forward to working with DG Sue and 1VDG Luen and all members of the Executive for
VDG Allan gave a short report on the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute where he learnt a lot
and it was a great experience. He looks forward to working with the Executive & all Cabinet Officers
in the coming year.
2.4. Immediate Past District Governor Michael Wolf
By the time this report has been circulated I will have attended the ANZI Pacific Forum in Ballarat
Forums attended An Alternative Club Branch
by PDG Deyann McDonald An insight into club Branch Development.
ZoneChairmen Working at the coal Face
by PDG Richard Norris NZ An Insight into Zone Management.
Pie in the Sky or Reality Engaging Members.
By PDG Brian Buchanan Engaging Members.
International President meets PDG’s
IP Dr Naresh Aggarwal .
Tuesday 5
September Meet with Women’s & Infants Research Foundation
WA Governor Kerry Sanderson and Researchers at function at Government House.
2.4. Cabinet Secretary Report
Richard Tunmer
It has been a busy start to the year with many tasks that have had to be completed and a lot to learn
about the role. I would like to thank Allan & Sue Lowe for their guidance over the past 6 months which
has made the task a lot easier. It has been a pleasure working with all Lions, Lionesses and Leos in the
past few months.
The Cabinet Secretaries role is varied and includes some of the following -
1. Lion Clubs assisting Club Secretaries to register with MyLCI. There are a number of
idiosyncrasies with MyLCI and a number of secretaries could not register. The most common
where that the platform would not accept their email address and their names and other
details. Club reporting on MyLCI has not been very good and this will be addressed in the
coming months. It does appear that many secretaries require assistance with this monthly
task. Also received a number of requests for assistance from W2 clubs and referred them to
2. All Club Mailout circulated monthly with information to assist clubs and cabinet officers in
their roles. Send a hard copy to clubs every month.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
3. Correspondence general correspondence resides on our District website and is accessible at
any time with your login details. It is circulated every few weeks, depending on the volume,
to club secretaries as links. This is a new initiative and there has only been positive feedback.
A big thank you to Ron Freestone for his assistance with the uploading of documents. A lot of
time is spent answering queries from clubs and cabinet officers as well.
4. Convention 2017 working with the Convention Committee to help with the circulation of
information to clubs and Cabinet Officers.
5. District magazine circulate via email and send a hard copy to clubs for those who are not on
email every month.
6. Cabinet Papers preparation and circulation to cabinet officers.
Most of the work that a Cabinet Secretary undertakes is very transparent and is available for
all to view and comment on.
2.5. Cabinet Treasurer Report
Jill Tunmer
These first two months as Cabinet Treasurer have been extremely busy, getting the Ist Semi Annual
dues sent out, reconciling and paying MD dues and then beginning the follow-up process for both
District & MD dues, as well as LCI dues.
I have also been working on getting all signatories setup with branch access (cheque signing approval
and access to branch) as well as the on-line banking platform for all our accounts, learning the
accounting system and finally taking handover of the books from the previous Treasurer, Tony
Pallotta, mid -August once he had completed the books for the 2016/17 financial year.
A special thanks to Tony for all his assistance over this time, particularly with the handling of payments
for Razzmatazz when we had issues getting access to the on-line account and also to Colin for
approving them. Also to Tracy from Tony’s office for showing me around the Quickbooks accounting
system that is being used for District’s books.
I have spent a considerably amount of time delving into the books, going back a few years to familiarise
myself with the general activity in the accounts and understand the policy minutes governing
expenditure. In this process, I have been picking many Lion’s brains, to better understand the
background to some of our accounts and financial arrangements in general.
Coming in as a new Treasurer, what I have noted in this regard, is a notable lack of a working procedure
/ process document, with all such Financial information and arrangements in one place so that the
Treasurer can very easily and confidently pick up where the previous Treasurer leaves off. So, I will be
addressing that.
Clubs Treasurers seem to experience similar issues, with a lack of appropriate handover, resulting in
them not paying accounts, or making cheques out incorrectly, and not always knowing what is
required from an audit perspective and what they can do to raise admin funds, as well as what
accounting resources are available to them. So, I will be communicating with all Treasurer’s in our
District and also providing the Zone Chair Persons with information so that they can also address these
issues at Zone meetings and on Club visits.
As I have only received the Accounting system recently, I have not yet caught up all the with
processing all transactions into the accounting system, so am not currently in a position to produce
full Income statements and Balance sheets for all our accounts at this point in time, as there is a
considerable backlog workload relating to the capture and receipting of dues into Quickbooks.
However, these will be sent out as soon as this task is complete.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
In the meantime, please find below details of our Account balances and current outstandings:
AMP Investment Account - Quarterly Statement
Administration Account
Activities - Current Account
Activities - Reserve Account
Total Funds
Razzmatazz - Current Account
Razzmatazz - Reserve Account
Total Razzmatazz Funds
Comments regarding balances:
Razzmatazz - In terms of ticket sales, as at 31/8/17, we had sold 5404 tickets versus 7762 for the same
time last year. At $60 per ticket, that represents a drop of 30% in ticket sales which equates to a drop
in earnings of $141,480 for the overall project. As we get $12 from every ticket sold, that represents
a drop in Razzmatazz revenue available for dispersing to Charities of $28,296.
District Dues 839 members in 45 Clubs were billed based on membership at 30 June 17. This was
split as follows: Admin total $8809.50 in District dues and $4495 in Convention Delegate fees
Activities total $5625 in District Projects and welfare
MD Dues - $ 44,592.50 Admin payments $33,456.72, Activities Payments $11,135.38. These were
due 22/8/17 and have been paid in full to MD.
Clubs - Outstanding MD/District Dues At the time of writing this report (2/9/2017) 1st Semi-annual
dues for 2017/18 were still outstanding from the following Clubs: Bassendean, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie,
Maylands, Stratton and Toodyay. 2
Semi Annual Dues 2016/17 were still outstanding from Stratton.
Outstanding Balances on LCI Accounts: Bassendean, Broome, Floreat, Greenough, Hannans
Goldfields, Kalgoorlie, Lancelin, Maylands, Morley, Northampton, Perth Eye Institute, Stratton,
Toodyay, Vic Park & Whitford all have outstandings on their accounts. Floreat, Stratton, & Morley all
have outstandings with ageing in excess of 60 days which puts them at risk of being put into status
Audited accounts Well done to all Clubs who have so far submitted their Auditor reports & Income
& Expenditure statements for 2016/17 Financial Year: Ocean Reef, Bencubbin, Northhampton, Gingin
Chittering, Stirling & Dalwallinu. All other Clubs are still outstanding and due by end September.
Audited accounts are still outstanding from the following Lions Clubs in relation to the 2015/16
Financial Year: Broome, Carnamah, City of Perth Host, Claremont Nedlands, Floreat, Forrestfield,
Gingkin Chittering, Goomalling, Greenough, Hannans, Karratha Dampier, Kununurra-Ord River,
Lancelin, Maylands, Moora, Newman, Northampton, Perth Lions Eye Institute, Stratton Lions Club,
Swan Districts, Toodyay, Victoria Park, Wanneroo and Yanchep Two Rocks.
Could all Zone Chairperson-s please assist in following up on all outstanding Dues and Audited
financial reports.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Expense Claims Form Please note that the expense claims form has been revised and circulated by
the Cabinet Secretary, so please ensure that this form is used for all future claims. DG Sue will need
to approve all claims prior to payment so will need to be copied on any forms submitted. I also want
to move to reimbursing all Cabinet officers electronically so please ensure that you provide your bank
details for direct transfer of any funds owing to you.
Jill Tunmer
PDG Colin Heap & ZC6 Mary-Anne Wolf to follow up with Stratton Lions Club with regards cheques
incorrectly written.
Kalgoorlie Convention 2016 Hosts are not in a position to return the $2000 advance.
2.6. Constitution & By-Laws Chairman
PDG Clive Tonkin
I have nothing to report other than We are still trying to restart a dialogue with the Department of
Commerce efforts to create a Common Constitution for all clubs in the District.
3. Zone Reports
Zone Chair Coordinator
ZCC Marshall Graham
It would appear that all Clubs within District 201W1 are running smoothly at this early stage of our
Lionistic year. There have been no reports of any significance that would seek any intervention as any
matters have been seen to at club level with positive results.
Reports received have shown that all Clubs are busy with various projects, particularly those Clubs
that have ongoing projects which are showing outstanding results. Another report received indicates
that a number of Clubs are in the process of doing membership drives which we all hope will bring
much needed new membership. Should there be any other matters to report these will be addressed
at our 1
District 201W1 Cabinet Meeting.
Marshall Graham
Zone 1
Jill Middlemass
Centennial Service Challenge Serve
100million by June 2017
Club Name
City of
Perth Host
Perth Eye
Zone Total
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Club Name
District Dues paid
dues paid
AGM Held
City of
Perth Host
No answers to phone calls
and no response to emails
Club visit has been
organized for 20
September 2017
To be done
Club visit has been
organized for 5
September 2017
Perth Eye
No answers to phone calls
and no response to emails
*Auditing in progress
Club Name
City of
Perth Host
Seniors support “Stay Sharp Programme
Donation of blankets to the homeless in the City of Perth.
Ongoing hard work organizing the District 201W1
2017Diamond Deeds Convention
A major project is the Lions Alzheimers Fnd. The annual
Sportsman’s Lunch once again was successful with
$14000.00 raised. Car Parking for the Caravan and
Camping Show. Other projects the Club is involved in are
Youth of the Year, Youth Exchange, Xmas Cakes,
Mints and Royal Show Parking. Donations to Food bank,
Lions Prostate Research
Perth Eye
Youth of the Year Competition and Award
Usual newspapers and BBQs.
Mamma House Preparing and distributing food.
Launch of the” Mia Project”. Fundraising and supporting a
single mother and her handicapped child how need special
therapy also a vehicle for a wheelchair, Evening organised
invited guests 60 attended raised $11.000.00
Dinner Club attended Mia's Project - 10 Ladies had dinner
and met Mia.
Zone chair
Jill Middlemass
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Zone 2
Daniel Stevens
Apologies for late report. Computer crashed.
ZONE MEETING: We had a zone meeting on the 30
August with 6 people attending. The meeting was
held at the Bassendean RSL Hall. Minutes have been given to District Governor and Zone Chairman
Coordinator for their reference.
BASSENDEAN LIONS CLUB: The club has had some internal problems which is slowly being sorted out.
Thanks to Dave Kelly MLA member for Bassendean and Charles Smith MLC member for East
Metropolitan Region both have allowed the club to use their photocopiers for club printing. They have
also both been invited to become members. Charles Smith said he will come down and help
Bassendean Lions Club at its September flea market. The club has also got a new member and 2 people
thinking about becoming members. The club has been going around from business to business in
Bassendean, Eden Hill and Ashfield trying to build up its membership
MAYLANDS LIONS CLUB: Had a pancake sale at the Avon Descent which went well the club has 5 new
members and is going well it is trying to find a regular fundraising project. I will be visiting the club in
MORLEY LIONS CLUB: Morley Lions club are looking at dropping three members. I will also be visiting
the club in September.
Zone 3
Tim Powell
Club Visits: No Clubs visited to date;
Zone 3 Clubs appear to up and running in the new Year, a number of Clubs have been busy with
Projects and Fund Raising Activities.
Duncraig : Changeover Dinner had a Western Theme and from all reports was a very enjoyable
evening, Projects and Community Service have included Winter Warmers, Newspaper Recycling, and
Lion Carmel promoting and informing Clubs regarding PlusLife. Recently a number of Club Members
assisted a Family with moving.
Membership Stable
Kingsley-Woodvale : Have had a couple of VIP Visitors including MLA for Kingsley, Jessica Stojkovski
as well Lion Carmel to continue and promote the conversation about the PlusLife Challenge.
Membership - was increased with transfer into the Club of two Members.
North Beach: Club has been busy with Fund Raising activities including Sausage Sizzles, Club in busy
organising Walkathon happening on the 17 September 2017.
Club Members recently provided marshalling duties at City to Surf Fun Run.
Membership; Stable. Membership Drive happening September 2017.
Whitford: Continuing their work in the Community with the Centennial Hunger Project which happens
on the first Sunday on every month, on the 19th August the Whitford’s Leo Club had their first project
operating a sausage sizzle at Bunning Whitfords.
Membership: Three Members lost.
Tim Powell
Zone 4
Gail McKewen
All Clubs have been visited by the District Governor Sue Lowe and with her husband 2 VDG Allan. Her
presentation has been enjoyed by all.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Forrestfield High Wycombe - low in numbers but stable. A few projects attended for their activities
fund and they are planning a Skin Screening Day in November. Also investigating some projects for
the community with the Christmas theme.
Kalamunda - Numbers stable. Currently several members off on holidays but will be returning for
their busy Christmas programme with aged care residents and the fish and chip night followed by bus
tour to view the Christmas lights.
Canning City - Numbers stable. Several members have been on the sick list and/or undergoing tests.
A few are managing time away for overseas trips but returning for the Christmas programme. We are
still in consultation with the council regarding our shed at Cannington Bowling Club and its possible
transfer to Centenary Park where we are now meeting. Feels a bit like a black hole and concerns about
security of the shed remain. The Christmas programme is being finalised with cake sales, and
children’s Xmas party. The board attended a special meeting regarding the Queens Park Branch Club.
Queens Park Branch Club - 3 members have been dropped due to non-attendance and dues not paid.
Also, the President Andrew Gagan tended his resignation which we accepted following unsatisfactory
text messages and emails. His wife who was Secretary then tended her resignation. A special meeting
was called and was chaired by Barry Middleton and Christine Walker. The board of Canning City was
also there with the members of Queens Park Branch club. They are now joining the Canning City Club
for meetings until more members are recruited.
The zone meeting unfortunately was not held due to unforeseen circumstances.
Gail McKewan
Zone 5
Bert Stray
Zone 6
Mary-Anne Wolf
Centennial Service Challenge Serve
Zone Total
District Dues
dues paid
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Follow up with President Cheques
made out incorrectly
Ongoing markets, ongoing Bunnings sausage sizzles,
ongoing OZ book project to 5 schools. Assist a school
with their breakfast club.
Active Club 2 potential members
Ongoing children’s train, Oz book project, mint sales,
running swap meets, Selling mints 75 outlets.
Active club
Ongoing markets,
Priority club, planning membership
drive in new year. Lion Christine is
their Guiding Lion
Not any activities at the moment, membership drive
to be planned for the new Lionistic year.
Priority club, planning membership
drive in new year. PDG Colin Heap
is their Guiding Lion
1 member inducted at their change over with a
potential 3 others in the pipeline.
Active club.
Zone chair
DGAM to be held in September. Plan to visit clubs in
Mary-Anne Wolf
Zone 7
IPDG Michael Wolf
Centennial Service Challenge Serve
Club Name
& Districts
Lancelin &
Zone Total
Club Name
District Dues
dues paid
& Districts
Books have been Audited and AGM
was held on 8/8/2017.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Lancelin &
Small amount outstanding to LCI.
Club Name
& Districts
Outline of projects and fundraising activities and
fellowship. Scrap Metal Recycling, Drum muster,
Painting of Machinery, 40th Anniversary
Celebration.Centennial Service Challenge
Refurbishment or replacement of Log in Lions Park in
Koorda.Donated $500 Royal flying Doctors , Camp
Quality and Centre for Cerebral Palsy.Donated $1100
to LSSF ,Cancer Institute,Lions Prostate Cancer
research , Lions Hearing Fondation ,Lions cord Blood
Foundation , WALDEF ,ALDAF & Lions Hearing Dogs.
2 Members transferred in from W2.
On my visit I inducted 1 new
member and installed the Board
and directors.
Ongoing Recycling Project. Glass ,
Paper,Cardboard,Car Batteries.
Active club in small limited
Club has been in annual recess June
to August.
Summary of activities for past 6 months
1-Parking at Barbagelloo raceway over 3 days
2-Avon Descent----bus transfer and parking
3-Official opening of restored Railway Station
4-Market Days at Railway station
5-Gunfire breakfast for local community on Anzac Day
6-Lions Train at various community days (British Car
Day, Wear your Wellies, Lancelin school fete,
7-Contributed funds to Bindoon school camp for
children disadvantaged.
8-Contributed funds to all students attending the
Canberra Camp from Gingin Distict High School.
9-Contributed funds to Lions projects
10-Helped local community groups with the loan of
our tents or other equipment as needed.
11- Have a member who volunteers on the skin cancer
screening bus (over 100 hours)
Major Project Avon River Decent.Sold $6800.00
worth of tickets, Parking $780.00 and fire wood
Members active in their community.
Members work on weekends.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Lions Walk for Cancer. Have had to postpone as
Secretary has broken a leg badly.
Lancelin &
Club has a Major Recycling Project Selling of
Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap Metal.
They also run an Op Shop close to the recycling
project. Future project is the annual Lions Xmas
lunch for seniors proposed date 28 November.
Lancelin Primary School choir will be invited to
Lions is working on a plan to provide a Lancelin
Community Car to drive seniors without transport to
and from medical appointments from their homes to
location outside the town. Volunteers drivers with
current first aid certificates will staff the car.
Active club in a small town.
Zone chair
I have made contact with all 5 clubs. I have visited
Bencubbin and Goomalling as well as the Lancelin
Lions Op Shop Project.
DGAM planned for 30 September
or 1
October. Gin-gin Chittering
have offered to host and Clubs not
attending will be joining in on
Michael Wolf
Zone 8
PDG Ivan Sturgess
Over the weekend of 1
and 2
September while working the Hearing Bus I was able to meet with the
two Kalgoorlie Lions Clubs. It was a great weekend with both Clubs making us very welcome.
Hannans hosted us with the Hearing Bus for the weekend. Their Membership is 15 at present and as
all Clubs are always looking for new members. They have recently lost a few members due to leaving
the area and a couple asking for a transfer.
The Club has a high profile within the Kalgoorlie area with a used Book Shop. a monthly Garage Sale
and a monthly Sunday Market. We were pleased to be part of the Sunday Market and could take part
and see them all work together. Hannans actively supports local community groups and needs along
with supporting our Foundations, ALF and LCIF.
We were shown around their Hall which is a building constructed in 1902 and houses many items of
local history including a beautifully restored Honour Board naming all WW1 soldiers from Kalgoorlie.
It is from this building they conduct their monthly Garage Sales.
All weekend the members made us very welcome and Club President Sue and her husband Larry were
really great hosts.
I met with the Kalgoorlie Club last Saturday night. Even though it was rather an informal meeting it
was a productive meeting with all Members having great input. We covered a lot of ground and I
believe achieved plenty.
Kalgoorlie has a current membership of 18 with a prospective member who has attended one meeting
and another couple in the wings
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Kalgoorlie have taken our Alzheimers Foundation as a major Club project. They recently had Prof Ralph
addressed a community meeting from which there was community interest generated. Kalgoorlie
have embarked on a number of fund raising ideas to generate funds for this Foundation. A walk for
Alzheimers was conducted last weekend while we were in the area. The Club is united in their support
for the Alzheimers Foundation.
Kalgoorlie is a strong Club looking forward as they support a number of local charities along with our
Foundations, ALF and LCIF.
The two Lions Clubs I Zone 8 are strong and active in their projects and are both actively working on
increasing their membership. Lions in Kalgoorlie is certainly force and both Clubs are highly respected
by the local community.
Ivan Sturgess
Zone 9
Megan Brassington
Moora Own club Current membership 32
Always busy with projects around the town. Quite a few members unwell or unable to contribute due
to age. However, with a new President and a fresh prospective the club is always friendly and
engaging. A membership drive is planned for September.
Three springs Current membership 15. Unable to really engage with the President so currently
working with Sec. A bit of disharmony from within the club and I have been contacted by most
members now about their concerns. I will continue to work with the President to address these issues.
Carnamah Current membership 6
President Adam working with community to promote club. A lot of projects in the works and a few
prospective members. New project within community to assist families of domestic violence,
providing goods etc.
Big event coming up on 11/11 and hoping to work with Three springs on it. Club really starting to gel
together and work as one.
Dalwallinu Current membership 12
I attended their changeover and got to meet a number of their new members. All members are active
within the club.
I attended the Agricultural show and assisted the club with manning the gate, something that they
use as Admin fundraising. A number of projects on the go at the moment and with Harvest time
approaching a number of members are not available to help. All other members pull together to assist.
Members work together well and are very happy and inclusive of older members.
Jurien Bay Current membership 12
President Bernadette and Treasurer Tony have been out and about visiting other clubs and have some
great ideas for projects. The Jurien Markets are in the planning again and with a number of their
members not available to help at the 1st for the year all others are pulling together. A very harmonious
club now having got over issues from last year.
Megan Brassington
Zone 10
Freda Chandler
News from Greenough Lions Club - we have been quiet over the winter months (if there was winter),
our Christmas trailer raffle is coming together nicely.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Three new members were inducted into our Club at the Dongara Denison Lions Club Change Over by
past District Governor Garry Obst.
Work on the Cape Burney memorial site, renovated the Gazebo
News from Geraldton Lions Club - the Geraldton Club has had an up and down quarter with numbers
being down and weather being against them at a couple of their Markets and Mini Train events.
They maned the entry gate at the Mingenew Expo on the Wednesday and Thursday. They have a lot
of fun with interaction with the patrons and also being able to see what is being offered at the Expo.
They attended Geraldton University Open Day. Once again, the weather was not too kind, but it was
a fairly successful day.
They are starting to gear up for the Xmas season with cakes on order and preparations for the
Children’s Party in December underway. They are also in the process of finalising a submission to LCIF
Grants for the Children’s Party.
News from Northampton - this club has had a busy couple of months with a list below of Northampton
Lions Club activities
• Lions Cancer Screening Bus day held in Northampton – very well supported by the community
• Changeover Night – Presented a donation cheque to The Cancer Screening Staff as well as a
donation to
the Northampton Pioneer Lodge (Housing the senior Citizens of Northampton) New buildings
• Drum Muster Collection Day – collecting 3,000 drums for the morning
• Can Collection from our can cages around Northampton
Replacing the Lion Statue at our Lions Park in Northampton The Lion is lying on a constructed stone
- Looks awesome
• Painting the Lions Caravan and replacing decals
News from Dongara Denison - they continue with their Monthly Markets, Drink van, Sausage Sizzle
and Train rides. Paper sorting still happening every Tuesday morning at the local Transfer Station, by
4-5 Lions plus volunteers, main attraction is our Lion Gwen Jones’s hot, homemade scones. Social
Football season manning the gate, one game left.
September will bring the Denison Drive-In to life and members will be back in the kitchen once a
fortnight, serving food.
Ongoing is Stamps, Old spectacles and Hearing Aids, collections.
Freda Chandler
I’m in the process of organising a get together with my Zone, all members and partners.
Zone 11
Wayne Donohue - DG Sue to follow up.
DG Sue asked all Zone Chairs to follow up and assist clubs if necessary with regards to MyLCI
reporting & LCI Dues which have to be downloaded from the MyLCI platform.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Global Leadership Coordinator
Christine Walker
LIONS FORWARD: CLUB QUALITY INITIATIVE (CQI) - nothing has been organised with this new
initiative. However, it was on the Agenda for the combined WA Global Action Team meeting 6
which I was unable to attend.
CLUB AND PERSONAL TRAINING - offers of assistance have been made to several Clubs and I am still
waiting to hear from them.
PRIORITY CLUBS - Noranda and Stratton have been designated as Priority Clubs within our District. I
am the Guiding Lion for Noranda and PDG Colin Heap for Stratton.
Noranda (10) - the members of this Club still have good and worthwhile projects. Communication
between members is very good. Unfortunately, less than 50% of their members meet on a regular
basis. This means that very little business can be conducted. I speak at all their next meeting about
the need to increase membership. I have provided information and offered assistance about
Membership drives and unfortunately nothing seems to happen.
Stratton (8) - Struggling.
CLUBS AT RISK - the following Clubs have been deemed at risk by LCI - Bassendean, Carnamah, Gingin
Chittering, Girrawheen, Maylands, Yanchep Two Rocks and Queens Park Branch Club.
The Global Action Team will be working with these Clubs to improve membership and ensure they are
running as a club should.
Our 2nd VDG Allan Lowe and Zone Chairperson and GLT member, Megan Brassington attended this
Institute during the week. At the time of writing they had not attended.
We will not be sending any Lions to this Institute.
whom we would like to send to this Institute.
and 30
July 2017. There
are a lot of new GLT Coordinators within MD and the change from 3 years to 1 year tenure makes it
easier for new Lions to take on the role. Unfortunately, most Districts had not appointed a Global
Services Team Coordinator so not much was discussed at this workshop.
Christine Walker
Christine is always available to visit clubs.
Global Membership Coordinator
PDG Barry Middleton
Started this Lionistic year with 839 members and we are now down to 836. We have added 18 new
members and lost 21. These figures show once again that clubs need to work hard on club care and
keep their members interested, informed and included in activities. Looking after our members is
paramount and I call on Zone Chairs to stay in touch with clubs and encourage them to think about
looking after their members.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
All clubs should be working on a membership drive or project to encourage interest in the clubs. Start
now asking prospectives to attend a meeting, but ensure that the meeting is interesting and dynamic.
Again, Zone Chairs need to encourage this activity.
We have made some contact with the Indian Community to see if we can encourage these to become
Lions and do projects for their community or their overseas community. Ideas are twinning with a club
overseas to help them.
Christmas cakes will be going on soon so get out into the community and use this as an opportunity
to recruit. Be seen and remain active with useful projects and members will come.
Tim Powell and Rachael Wydra are part of the Membership team so use them to assist in membership
Good Luck keep asking and things will change.
Barry Middleton
6. Administration
6.1. Australian Lion Foundation
Mary-Anne Wolf
Article in September Newsletter asking clubs to join the ALF.
Clubs have to apply for membership ($1.00 per annum) of the ALF to be in a position to obtain
6.2. Convention 2017
Halina Young
Your Lions Convention 201W1 2017, Committee, has been meeting on a regular basis for over 1 year
and now as the Convention draws near on a weekly basis - Saturday mornings and into the afternoon
to bring you a Convention of Celebration.
This year sees Lions celebrating 100 years, so it is a great way to celebrate our Diamond Deeds.
Alongside this, we will celebrate our History and Heritage with city hospitality. Our Convention
Headquarters is fittingly the Jewel of the City of Perth, the Perth Town Hall. This is where it will all
happen, with a few twists along the way.
We already have Lions joining us from Interstate, from the Country and City Clubs. The programme is
set, the venues are confirmed - Perth Town Hall, Burt Hall (which is also celebrating its Centenary) and
the Duxton Hotel.
Registrations forms are out there. All you need to do to join us at this historic time is book. If you
register by the 20
September 2017, you will have the “deal of the Century, by just paying $100, for
all the hospitality events (and the Convention of course). Just tick the boxes.
On Friday night, you will have the chance to take on the atmosphere of the City, its Town Hall and be
in the presence of the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth, as she officially welcomes us to the Convention.
A Commemorative Quilt (featuring our Lions Clubs Logos will be presented to the Lord Mayor on the
night.). A reception with drinks and canapés will conclude the Convention opening.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Saturday, will be a full day of business, with formalities, forums and speakers - Rob Oerlemans, our
Lions in Australia CEO, Robyn Fallon and representatives of our Lions Foundations at the Perth Town
Hall. In the evening the Perth Town Hall, will sparkle with a Tiaras and Ties dinner. A highlight of the
evening will be the presence of the Indian Consul and his wife. Our DG Sue has asked the Indian Consul
to deliver a message from our Lions International President on the night. This will be the time to relax,
twirl around the dance floor, enjoy great music, food, wine and company.
Sunday, will see a casual pace, with the Key Members Breakfast at the Duxton, then a relaxed ride on
the Red City Bus. The day will close with a light lunch and later the celebration Evensong at St Georges
Cathedral and hospitality with drinks and canapés at Burt Hall.
Expressions of interest for a Convention Booth have been circulated, which will be installed in the
Perth Town Hall foyer. There are 12 spaces available.
This Convention, is the chance for all Lions and friends to celebrate our achievements and to embrace
our future - with the decisions we make and the officers we elect.
Most importantly, this Convention is about engaging with your fellow Lions and showing your
commitment to our Lions International community, your local community and your Lions Club.
So, join us in the City in October, to celebrate our Diamond Deeds Convention - celebrating History
and Heritage with city Hospitality (and be captivated by the charms of the city old and new.)
Our Convention Committee is ready to welcome you.
Halina Young
Parking App is available that will assist with available parking. Newsletter to be circulated with
details of parking and alternate accommodation. Cabinet Officers to encourage club members to
attend Convention. A Photo Booth will be available to take fun pictures. Convention Programme to
be circulated with times included. Whitford Lions have a major project over the Convention
weekend. Cutoff date for registrations is 10 days before Convention with a refund policy for Lions to
be advised in the event of unforeseen circumstance.
6.3. Exemplary Service Awards
Sue Renton
Recently met with Lion Jill Middlemass to complete hand over of relevant information. Jill has kindly
offered any assistance I may need while holding this portfolio.
6.4. Hospitality
Rachael Wydra
Nothing to report
6.5. Lions Clubs International Foundation
Mary-Anne Wolf
On the weekend of the 1-3 September I attended the ANZI Pacific Forum in Ballarat. Part of the forum
included LCIF training for District Coordinators.
We are approaching LCIF’s 50
Anniversary in June 2018
Measles LCIF needs to still raise another US$8 000 000.00 by the end of this calendar year to qualify
for the matching grants (US$30 000 000.00) from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK’s
Department for International Development (DFID). Without the Lions $30 000 000.00 we will not
receive the matching grants to continue this life saving project to its fullest extent. To date we have
vaccinated 43.9 million children in 21 countries. If we do make our target we could double that.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
With the 50-year anniversary approaching LICF are changing the structure under which it will award
grants. As soon as I have definite information I will be letting clubs know. For now, continue as we
always have.
Club LCIF Coordinator: This is a new position that LCI have added to the board of club directors from
“The LCIF Club Chairperson is nominated by the clubs nominating committee, elected as an officer and
will serve a one-year term until re-nominated the following year. LCIF Club Chairperson works closely
with local club leadership and communicates directly to LCIF District Coordinator to ensure alignment
with district goals.
The LCIF Club Coordinator will serve as ambassadors for Lions Clubs International Foundation in their
clubs. They will share the stories of LCIF programs, motivate others to support LCIF, and enable the
foundation to advance its humanitarian work in their communities and around the world.” -from the
Club Coordinator Training power point.
We currently have 4 clubs that have appointed a Club LCIF club coordinator. For the majority of clubs,
I think we need to do a measured approached to introduce this position to clubs. I will discuss this
with the Districts Global Action Team to come up with a strategy.
Mary-Anne Wolf
District LCIF target for this year is $32000.00. Measles is a signature program this year with pins costing
$10.00 each. DG Sue is helping with the promotion.
6.6. Welfare
Maureen Tonkin
Several sympathy and get-well cards have been sent on behalf of the District.
Flowers have been sent to 1
VDG Luen and the Floreat Lions Club.
6.7. Dryandra & Environment
Hans Hoette
Once again, the intake of bookings for the season has been a good ratio of available accommodation
to the uptake of occupation. There has been a concerted effort by the to upgrade the playground.
Various existing designs in place have been visited to find a suitable replacement.
The recently acquired see container has been put in place and is now available for much needed extra
store space. Tumar Hall is near completion and shall be available for the October AGM and promotion
for hire for community functions.
The village is currently covering cost but is relying on donations to achieve planned developments due
to the cost of materials and contract skilled labour.
As always, we invite clubs to take on small project in the village or provide skilled club members in
exchange for free weekend accommodation. Make it a family affair in the beautiful surroundings of
the village, making it an even more attractive destination.
Lion Hans
6.8. Disasters Coordinator
Mary-Anne Wolf
To date there have been no local disaster to report.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
I received a comprehensive hand over from last year’s disaster chairman Lion Gavin Thompson. I plan
to go over the list of equipment available in the district so we have an up to date list if we ever require
any equipment.
6.9. Magazine Editor
Richard Tunmer
Clubs still slow in sending through articles & reports. Cabinet Officers are sending through
information on their portfolios. A lot of information sourced from clubs & our WA Facebook pages.
6.10. Sergeant-At-Arms
Michael Wainwright
Nothing to report.
7. Fundraising
7.1. Christmas Cakes
John Tidey
Have contacted all W1 Clubs and forwarded email with copy of Cake price list, order forms and MD201
Lions Christmas Cake Programme.
Encourage Clubs to take advantage of discount for orders placed and paid before October 31
Will contact Redwave Media - Spirit Radio - RedFM DigiRed to arrange another on air interview
promoting Lions Christmas Cakes in WA Country regions.
Curtin Radio have us “booked” will need confirmation on which message to air.
Have purchased two counter banners one A3, $29.00, size showing priced Cakes and Pudding in new
Artwork and another A4 Size, $20.00 showing Centenary Tin priced, to be used at October Convention
and encourage Clubs to order their own from Officeworks, I have PDF files ready to go.
Have organised for two Christmas Cakes to be decorated and will be available as raffle prizes at the
October Convention, proceeds to go to Convention Committee as directed.
I will be away until 19
October will advise clubs to contact Allan Lowe if they have any urgent
request’s and will be back in time to attend the Convention and man the Christmas Cake stand.
W1 had only one Club with Top Taste outstanding account at 30
June and this has been settled.
Was able to help Karratha/Dampier club with urgent request for Cakes/Tins needed for a local festival,
taken by one of the Clubs members from my house Friday early afternoon straight to Karratha.
7.2. Mints
Alan Lowe
There is very little to report at this stage. All W1 clubs have been circulated my Mints newsletter and
I have only received a minimal response.
As at the end of July, our District has purchased just over 92 cartons of mints compared to our
(National Mint Chairman) target of 143 cartons.
Comparing 2016 and 2017 year-to-date, there were 20 clubs in 2016 who did not order any mint
products. As of 31
July this year, there are 31 clubs yet to order anything. Upon return from
Melbourne, I will be chasing up those 11 clubs who are yet to order.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
If we didn’t have a club like Victoria Park ordering mints, our stats would show a serious decline in
There was an issue with production by our supplier, Dollar Sweets, which resulted in clubs orders
seriously delayed during June and July but this has now been rectified and delivery is almost back to
normal. As State Coordinator of the National Cake and Mint Committee, I raised this issue (again) with
the MD Marketing Manager and I was advised that Dollar Sweets were our preferred supplier as they
were an Australian owned company and it would be unlikely that there would be any changes to our
supplier in the near future.
I receive a few enquiries from the General Public and these are referred to the nearest Lions Club for
Allan Lowe
8. Communications
8.1. Information Technology
Ron Freestone
Nothing to report.
8.2. Public Relations
Philip Couper
Over the past two months it has been a busy time within 201W1 and LCI internationally. It was also
an honour and a privilege to be able to attend our Centennial Convention in Chicago, and as PR
Chairperson, I was able to report on the convention via our own Lions Club Of Whitford Facebook
page, which was then reposted to our Lions In Western Australia, Lions Australia and our Leos Australia
Facebook pages as well.
The feedback I received from our clubs and fellow Lions members was that with the number of photos,
videos and stories that I was able to report and upload helped our clubs and members to be involved
in the convention even, though our fellow Lions were not able to attend. To me that’s the job of a PR
Chairperson, that is to not only report on the progress of Lions externally, but also internally within
our organisation as well.
Following the convention and my return to Perth, I unfortunately had to go into hospital and have a
shoulder reconstruction. My recovery has been slow whereupon I am only now able to resume normal
Membership has been a key initiative of both District, and very much internally within my own club
which we discuss at each meeting. I am personally pleased to be able to report that last Monday I,
along with our 1
Vice District Governor was able to induct our newest club member Peter
Katsambanis MP (Member for Hillarys). We have five perspective new members currently looking at
Lions and our Club at present, and from a Public Relations and Leos perspective, it is my intention to
continue with the promotion of Lions, and the good work that all our members do in our communities
within Western Australia.
Finally, as I am now back to full duties my plan is to liaise more with our clubs and fellow members
and further raise the profile, both externally (through the press) and internally within Western
8.3. Centennial Coordinator
PDG Colin Heap
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
I have submitted some reports to the district newsletter to keep the members informed of what is
happening with our centennial celebrations.
I am also a member of the district convention committee. I will be having a small display at the
convention as well as taking part in the Lions supper after the convention at the St Georges cathedral.
I will use some of my centennial budget to assist with the cost.
One of our centennial pull-ups will need to be upgraded as some more projects have been added to
the service challenge. I will do this before the convention.
I attended the recent GMT/GLT state meeting and learnt of the new format which now includes the
Global Service team as part of the Global Action Team.
I am also still the guiding Lion at the Stratton Club and have been assisting them.
I will also submit my claim for the centennial promotion budget from Lions Clubs International to assist
with my portfolio.
Colin Heap
9. Health Services
9.1. Children’s Mobility Foundation
IPDG Michael Wolf
I have spoken to Jill Middlemass who was previous Chairperson.
We will be doing a handover and recording previous applications and presentations of Mobility
I have had one enquiry from Lions club of Morley who have had a request for a three-wheel bicycle
for a 7 year old girl in their area who suffers from Hyper-Mobility Syndrome. They are also looking for
a light weight wheel chair.
Val Dix has requested an application which needs to come from an accredited physiotherapist
affiliated with our State Cerebral Palsy agent. (in this case the Ability Centre).
The PT would have to make a decision based on the childs needs and obtained the necessary quote.
Mobility fund only and no ownership or responsibility for the device.
I have asked the club to contact the family in question and advise the family to work with their PT who
will give them the best advice. We are waiting for a response.
Michael Wolf
9.2. Drug Awareness
Kerry Donohue
9.3. Hearing Projects
PDG Ivan Sturgess
Nothing to report.
9.4. Cancer & Australian Lions Children Cancer Research Foundation
Leonie Getty
Hello All
As a new member to Lions, I have only been a member of Stirling for 2 years and every meeting is a
learning experience. I’m not sure what I have agreed to but once again I am sure it will once again be
a fantastic learning experience.
I have attended several Lions Cancer Council meetings and would strongly suggest that each and every
person gets a skin screening as the most uncovered is under your feet??? Please ladies if you use the
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
ultra-light when you get your nails done then you also should consider strongly getting your body
checked for skin cancer.
I have also had my very first online meeting with Australian Children Cancer Relief Foundation and we
need to make sure we do the BBQ for these kids.
I am very surprised as a new member to find that the Lions Clubs are not strongly supporting the Lions
programs. I know that the other groups can apply for Government funding but it is not so easy for us
as we are expected to get it from our own clubs. It is necessary for clubs to start to realise that we are
the major contributors to Lions programs and we need to support them or they will fail due to lack of
funding and how many lives will be lost as we place our hard-earned gains to all the other valid
Please consider donating a bit extra each year to the Lions programs as we count on YOU to support
us and our magical team.
Thank you for your time and patience. If I can do anything to assist you please do not hesitate to
contact me after hours on 0437163059.
Leonie Getty JP
9.5. Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation
Lex Thompson
Kalgoorlie Public Lectures
The most significant activity that the LAF Board members have undertaken since our last report was a
trip to Kalgoorlie from 23
to 25
August by Chairman Leo McManus, Treasurer Rob Davies and myself
where we met Professor Ralph Martins and Associate Professor Kathryn Goozee from Anglicare, who
had flown in from Sydney to deliver public lectures to three groups. The first was to the Doctors and
nurses as well as workers from the aged care industry at the Kalgoorlie Hospital on Wednesday night
and the other two lectures were to the general public on Thursday morning at 10.30am and Thursday
evening at 6.30pm. Both Ralph and Kathryn spoke at all three events and were very well received.
We are grateful to Lion Sheila Jones of the Kalgoorlie Lions Club and her partner Dave who have
become our LAF ambassadors in the Kalgoorlie area following our meeting them at the District
convention in October last year. These two have done a lot of work in fund raising for our Foundation
in the Kalgoorlie area and were the main organizers of the public lectures and the logistics associated
with these types of events. They organized the advertising of the lectures, the sponsored
accommodation for Ralph and Kathryn while in Kalgoorlie and arranged for the Mayor and CEO of the
Kalgoorlie Boulder Council to attend and officially open the events. The Kalgoorlie Lions Club
presented us with a cheque for $7500 at the conclusion of the Thursday night’s public lecture for
which we were very appreciative.
Kalgoorlie Charity House
The other fortunate thing that came out of the event is that through her general fund raising activities,
Sheila met a well-known and successful builder in Kalgoorlie whose father had died from Alzheimer’s
disease several years ago. He had indicated to Sheila that if she could obtain a block of residential
land, he would organize the construction of a house that could be auctioned off and the proceeds
donated to the Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation. We approached the Council and have had a block of
land provided and it looks as if it could all happen. There has been a request by some members of the
Council that other local charities should also benefit from the proceeds. It has been indicated that two
other charities will benefit from it but at this stage, we have no clear answer. We shall advise more
when we know more.
Maggie’s Recipe for Life
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
Everybody’s favourite celebrity “cook”, Maggie Beer has written a new book in conjunction with
Professor Ralph Martine in which she has used the ingredients to produce 200 recipes which the best
scientific research has shown are the best foods for preventing or slowing down the progress of
Alzheimer’s Disease. The book is called “Maggie’s Recipe for Life” and will be launched on 6
The publishers Simon and Shuster are spending a lot on the promotion of the book which means Ralph
and Maggie will be travelling all over Australia up until Christmas to do book signings at Dymock’s and
other book stores as well as appearing on Channel 7’s Sunrise and Sunday Night television programs.
The Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation will receive $2.00 for every book sold. It would make a great
Christmas present so we hope our Lions members all over Australia will get behind it. There will be a
dinner held at the WA Club which will be attended by Maggie and Ralph on 14
November to promote
the book and from which the proceeds will also go to the LAF. I believe it can seat 150 people at the
Going Forward
So, all in all, we have a bit happening at the moment. We are in need of more active members on our
Board or in a supporting role. If anyone reading this report would like to get involved with our
Foundation and feels they can bring something to the table by being an Ambassador for us in their
club or the District, or become actively involved on the Board, because they feel they can make a
larger contribution towards the Foundation’s direction and growth, we would like to talk to you.
Lex Thompson
Maggies Recipe for Life will cost $39.95. Lex to provide a forwarding address for Clubs to send
cheques and this will go into the next All Club Mailout and District Newsletter.
9.6. Lions Save Sight Foundation including Lions Eye Health Program
PDG Sandra Laundy
The office of the Foundation has now been relocated to the new Harry Perkins building at the QEIIMC.
This is a better area to be, as it brings the Foundation closer to the researchers, who we deal with,
rather than clinicians. The ground floor of the LEI building is being refurbished, too accommodate
consulting rooms, as the number of clinical visitations has grown to 56,000.
Ai have booked the display stand for our Convention and will feature the work of the Outback Vision
Van, so come and have a look.
Very few Lions Clubs request a speaker to come to their meetings these days, or to visit the Institute.
To date there is only one Club booked and that is in February. We have a really great Lions project,
which carries the Lions name and is well recognised and worth a visit.
The AGM of the Foundation is on April 19
. 2018. It is not in the Planning Diary, so please enter it in.
Finally, the lions Clubs manned the water stations again for the Perth Half Marathon on August 6
Thanks to the Clubs who helped on the water stations.
LEHP. I have nothing to report on this program yet. I will be meeting with the State Coordinator soon
and discuss it with him.
Sandra Laundy
10. Youth Services
10.1. Children of Courage
Pauline Song
Both W2 Chairperson for Children of Courage, Bev Thomas and myself are relatively new to the post
and we have not received any past records from the past chairpersons. Nevertheless, over several
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
phone calls as well as one face -2-face meeting to date, we have assembled records and made progress
towards an event tentatively to be scheduled in March 2018 pending confirmation of a new Award
Ceremony Venue Sponsor.
As we have been told, the Children of Courage event has been graciously sponsored by the Pan Pacific
Hotel in the past. Last year, the event was halted and some clubs have gone on their own to do their
own presentation for these children. One such club is the Margaret River Lions Club. Award
Certificates and medals were presented by the W2 Chairperson at local club level. Since then, W2
Chairperson has informed me that the Pan Pacific has withdrawn their sponsorship for 2018 with no
reasons being given.
Tasks in going forward:
1. To redesign Children of Courage Logo since the old logo has lost appeal and image quality is
2. To redesign Children of Courage flyers and invitation letters to club and organisations.
3. To obtain quotes for printing of Certificates
4. To obtain quotes for new medals which will include the mention of 'Children of Courage' in
the design.
5. Acquisition of 'lion cubs' soft toys Sponsor. In the past, teddy bears given to the children were
sponsored by Bunnings (Innaloo).
6. To obtain new Venue and Luncheon Sponsors for children and their 5 guests for the Award
Ceremony. Perth Convention Exhibition Center has responded positively. More details will follow
when confirmed.
7. Event Budget to be planned when above information becomes available.
8. Invitation flyers and entry forms will be circulated early October to all clubs to submit their
Tentative Event Dates:
March 2017 or 18
March 2017, Sunday (11:30 to 4:30pm)
Cost: $50 per nomination
Luncheon Cost for Lions members: TBA by Perth Convention Exhibition Center
Draft Programme
12:00 to 1:00pm Lunch
2:00 4:00pm Award Ceremony Presentation
Pauline Song
Dates 11
March is our Cabinet meeting so possibly the 18
March. It was suggested that morning
may be better as many children rest in the afternoons.
A motion was put to the Cabinet - “That a new award category be introduced for carers who spend
many hours looking after children.” Moved Pauline Song and seconded Jill Tunmer. Carried.
Children of Courage Budget Motion “Moved that a contingency sum of $1000 be added to existing
budget of $4000.” Moved Jill Tunmer & seconded Tim Powell. Motion Carried.
The $50 registration for Children of Courage covers the cost of medals and certificates. Moved “That
any funds remaining from the $50 registrations be added to the Children of Courage budget.” Moved
Hans Hoette & seconded Mary-Anne Wolf. Carried.
Philip Couper to assist with the finding of a new presenter.
Budget to be split between both Districts.
10.2. Leos
Philip Couper
With the Leos portfolio, it is also my intention to liaise with our current Leos clubs, and to help expand
the membership of those Leo clubs. At our own Leos Club of Whitford, our members are now
undertaking more projects and getting out into the community. We are also working with other
organisations, i.e. Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren as the Grandparents have several teenagers
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
that have expressed interest in joining our Leos. Further we have a dedicated liaison with Community
Services Joondalup, and we are becoming more active in the community and both the government
and non-government agencies/ charities with youth and youth affairs being a priority.
Philip Couper
10.3. Peace Poster
Mal Miskelly
I have spoken to the outgoing Chair Carolyn Middleton to gather her experience and knowledge.
I have been encouraged to purchase a Peace Poster Kit which I expect to receive shortly. This will
allow me to gain a greater understanding of the process and field questions.
Due to the timing of this project being a calendar year and not a Lionistic year the 2017 year is coming
to an end. I have been provided with the names of clubs that have participated in the past and will be
contacting them in regard to their participation in 2017.
For 2017 the postmark deadline for a Club to send one winning poster (per contest sponsored) to the
District Governor is November 15. The winning District Poster is to be postmarked by December 1 to
the National Peace Poster Chair.
My plan is to promote the Peace Poster Project to all W1 clubs to encourage their participation in
Mal Miskelly
10.4. Youth Exchange
Bill Yeo
Pleased to report that Lions Club of Claremont-Nedlands Methodist Ladies College girl, Hannah
Hippisley has been successfully placed with host families in Austria and Germany. Another entrant
who is a boarder at a Perth School is also interested to explore the adventure.
In order to ensure our Australian participating youths act as responsible and respectful youth
ambassadors of the Lions Clubs International as well as for our local Lions District and Club, they are
expected to conform to the guidelines of the Youth Exchange Program and agree to be chaperoned
throughout their overseas visit.
To ensure a good experience, we will be conducting a District Seminar to be held in November in order
to facilitate the meeting of each outgoing Australian exchange participant with their district, their
parents, and members of the sponsoring Lions Clubs. Important information will be discussed about
the program, host family expectations, responsibilities of each travelling youth while they are away,
etc. More details will follow in the email to be circulated via the Cabinet Secretary.
To date we had received requests from 3 youths inbound from Italy, France and Germany who wanted
to be placed with host families in W1 after being hosted in W2. Unfortunately, no host families were
found for them due to rather belated timing reasons.
Further-more the Lions Club of Claremont-Nedlands informed me that they have decided as an
ongoing commitment for rest of 2017-2018 period to be providing host families for inbound
international youth exchange participants whenever possible and contact person is Lion Peter Gillett.
That is welcome news for W1. Further approaches to other Lions Clubs in W1 is on the agenda in order
to rebuild the network for provision of potential host families in W1.
Emily Struick, MD201N1 District Youth Exchange Chairperson & MD201 Youth Exchange Committee
has liased with me to provide as much materials as is available in order for Lions Clubs in W1 to receive
the necessary information whenever needed whilst Rachel Davey will assist in conducting the Seminar
for outbound youth exchange participants.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
10.5. Youth of the Year
This position is still vacant but we have had a kind offer from our State Coordinator Margaret Amm
to assist with the role until a Lion in W1 comes forward. Margaret’s contact details –
Email - Mob: 0419 195 549
10.6. Children’s Razzamatazz
PDG Rob Meney
Almost all that can be reported on has been reported previously.
While no news may be good news it is not always so. Our telemarketing fundraiser is still experiencing
the same difficulties, the use of our database of donors. The current financial state of WA business is
making it very difficult for all organizations to attract income for research.
I am pleased however to report that our new Cabinet Treasurer Jill, has been able to sort out our
banking with Westpac and educate me into the on-line approval of payments and to check our current
balance at any time. Well done Jill, and thank you. It only took a four-hour round trip to Morley, and
a lot of wasted time waiting at the bank, first for the staff member and then for their computer system
to unfreeze itself.
As of today Sunday 27
August, our bank balance stands at $63,433 dollars and 36 cents.
Last year we Had $80,000 dollars, so donations will have to be reduced this year.
We expect to have $60,000 available for distribution.
IPDG Mike and I will decide where he thinks the money should go, and I will again try to get all
beneficiaries to attend convention for presentation of cheques as usual.
Rob Meney
11. Non Cabinet Postions
11.1. District Historian
PDG Pam Baird
First, my apologies for this late report, I was at our daughters in the Spring Mountains (south of
Brisbane) and they were experiencing WIFI troubles due to NBN (fun and games). Since coming back
to WA, I have arranged a meeting with previous District Historian, Ray Zinner. He has handed over to
me, in separate folders, the history of approx. 26 Clubs in Western Australia which he collected at that
time up to and including the year 2007. None of these have been updated so, as you can understand,
there is still a lot of history missing firstly from the Clubs just mentioned, secondly from other active
Clubs and thirdly from closed Clubs. Before I commence on any of that, I need clarification of a few
points and they are:
a) As I do not wish to add to the shelves of Lions material which David and I possess I would like to
know (and so would Ray) where are all the items that Ray has at his house in Collie going to be stored?
He has such items as Bannerettes, Photo Albums, Children of Courage from his time on that project
on “Floppy Discs” etc, all in all about 50 boxes. Some of this material could be scanned or could be
disposed of (which is going to be a BIG job) but as Ray is hoping to travel in two and half years he
would like to know what is going to happen to all of the above.
b) Ray mentioned that in the year of 2006/2007, during the time Robin Dixon was District Governor,
there was a Motion put forward for a $2,000 grant from District W1. This amount has not been carried
forward in the Cabinet Treasurers’ portfolio re this although, no doubt, Philip Caunt could recall this.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
c) Thirdly an application was made by DG Robin Dixon to LotteryWest and evidently a $15,000
donation was pre-approved by them for the History of Lions to be written in book form by an approved
Author. Ray approached such a lady who said it would cost about $20,000 (then) but needed the
history, at least, of half of the Lions Clubs in Western Australia to make it viable. That it did not happen
as you are all aware! My question is “Will we, once again, be going down the same track?”
I think all of the above gives Cabinet (and myself) plenty of think about. As I have a CD, per courtesy
of PDG Clive Reid of W2, I am thinking of targeting the earlier Clubs (non-existent ones are going to be
difficult) re their history. Now that I know I do have one or two in the 26 mentioned above, this assists
me in where to start.
Pamela BAIRD
11.2. Asset Manager
Richard Tunmer
District Assets are securely stored in the Ballajura Lions store room. A lot of the items stored are very
outdated and probably will never be used again.
12. General Business
‘1. Article V1 District Administration & Activities Fund Section 8 Christmas Cake Money
Allocations: Motion that we remove “That the allocation of funds to various charities and beneficiaries
be made by the current District Governor through the Cabinet prior to payment from this year’s
allocation. Melvin Jones Fellowship’s may be given annually from this allocation.
That a minimum of $2,000 pa be allocated from the Christmas Cake Fund to a District Development
fund and or Extension or Retention for training i.e. Leadership, Club Officers Forums, Venue Hire and
travel expenses.”
Replace with “The Christmas Cake Fund to reside in the District Administration Account and be
allocated to the payment of Lion Clubs cake bonuses, with the balance being allocated to fund the
Global Action Team (GAT) encompassing the Global Leadership Team (GLT), Global Membership Team
(GMT) and Global Service Team(GST).” Moved Christine Walker Seconded Mary-Anne Wolf. Motion
‘2. The Melvin Jones Fellowship’s may be given annually from funds in the Districts Activities Account.
Moved Michael Seconded Mary-Anne. Motion amended to read “The maximum of five Melvin Jones
Fellowship’s may be given annually from funds in the Districts Activities Account.” Moved PDG Clive
Tonkin Seconded PDG Colin Heap. Motion Carried.
‘3. Article V1 District Administration & Activities Fund Section 9 WA Lions Hall of Fame: Motion
that we cease funding the WA Lions Hall of Fame commencing in the 2018/19 Lionistic Year and
remove the line An annual contribution of at least $500.00 be requested from each District to assist
with costs.” That we also change the word “project” in paragraph one to “an activity”. Moved Allan
Lowe Seconded Christine Walker. Motion Carried.
Motion “That we discontinue the administration of the Hall of Fame accounts after 2017.” Moved PDG
Clive Tonkin Seconded 2
VDG Allan Lowe. Motion Carried.
‘4. District Treasurer: Motion that we set aside $600 for the purchase of new accounting software.
Moved Jill Tunmer Seconded 1
VDG Luen Chicote. Motion Carried,
2. Ocean Reefs Storage Facility at the Gibson Park Community Centre is still available and could
possibly be used for District storage.
District 201W1 Cabinet Papers Sunday 10
September 2017
3. Centennial Dinner District Treasurer Jill Tunmer to provide PDG Colin Heap with a breakdown of
costs for this year’s Centennial Dinner.
4. IPDG Michael Wolf presented a number of certificates
1. Guiding Lion Certificate ZC Tim Powell
2. Guiding Lion Certificate ZC Gail McKewan
3. International President Certificate DG Sue Lowe
4. International President Certificate PDFG Rob Meney
5. ANZI Forum Motion “That both District 201W1 puts in a bid to host the 2020 Lions Clubs
International ANZI Pacific Forum Moved Mary-Anne Wolf Seconded Pauline Song. Motion Carried.