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The business of Being Well

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Last update: March 31, 2018

This is the Business of Being Well

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What will you discover that is useful amongst these notices, quotations and links that are intended to improve all LIFE. This is the business of being well.

Always do your own research!

Environmentally, plastic is a growing disaster. Most plastics are made from petroleum or natural gas, non-renewable resources extracted and processed using energy-intensive techniques that destroy fragile ecosystems. The manufacture of plastic, as well as its destruction by incineration, pollutes air, land and water and exposes workers to toxic chemicals, including carcinogens. Plastic packaging – especially the ubiquitous plastic bag – is a significant source of landfill waste and is regularly eaten by numerous marine and land animals, to fatal consequences. Synthetic plastic does not biodegrade. It just sits and accumulates in landfills or pollutes the environment. Plastics have become a municipal waste nightmare, prompting local governments all over the world to implement plastic bag, and increasingly polystyrene (styrofoam), bans. Plastic pollution may not even be visible to the naked eye as research is showing that microscopic plastic particles are present in the air at various locations throughout the world and in all major oceans. Plastic is now ubiquitous in our terrestrial, aquatic and airborne environments - that is, it's everywhere. LEARN MORE.

Oil pulling is a very simple health treatment that has been utilized as part of the Indian Aryuvedic practices for at least 5000 years. It was introduced to the West in 1992 by Ukrainian physician Dr. F. Karach. When he spoke at a USSR Academy of Science conference for oncologists and bacteriologists, Dr. Karach announced, according to, that his personal daily action of oil pulling had “cured his leukemia and arthritis.” But that wasn’t all. Dr. F. Karach also shared accounts of his clients who, after practicing oil pulling, had been relieved of a long list of discomforts including headaches, intestinal disorders, liver and neurological diseases and more. How could something as easy as swishing coconut oil in one’s mouth be such a potent mechanism for health? According to, the twenty minutes you spend each day swishing can not only slow the aging process, the action “removes toxins, such as arsenic, from the body.”

Eating fat can be heart-healthy if you pick the right kind. Too many of us cut fat and replace it with food filled with refined carbs, so we miss out on the benefits of healthy fats.

If you're wondering what you can do to fight climate change, check out what we’re up to at Climate Reality – and how you can get involved and help build a movement to win.

We create native plant gardens that evoke natural prairies and woodlands. Through sustainable design our landscapes require less weeding, watering, mulching, and no fertilizer. Plus, you’ll be getting an artistic and unique space that looks good in every season, stopping butterflies (and neighbors) in their tracks.

For ten years I designed, built and managed a successful passive solar greenhouse in northern Arizona. It was a total success! One Christmas I delighted my neighbors with vine ripened tomatoes fresh from my growing unit. The Master Gardening class from University of Arizona visited my project each year as part of their curriculum.

It is estimated that nearly 20 billion pounds of garbage are presently floating in our oceans. These oceans that sustain all life on this planet. Further, The United Nations Environment Program says there could be over 51 trillion microplastic particles in our seas. Many of these pieces have accumulated in five enormous swirling ocean convergences known as gyres. This pollution has been described as “plastic smog throughout the world’s oceans.”

Your morning coffee ritual might help prevent Parkinson's disease, liver disease and Type 2 diabetes, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. Consuming up to six cups per day does not pose any additional health risks when compared to abstaining from coffee entirely. Some research points to improved health, including stronger immune systems, in coffee drinkers.

NaturalNews) A tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia has been shown in a new study to protect against breast cancer. Researchers from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences' (UCAS) College of Life Sciences found that the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit, which is commonly grown in Thailand and Malaysia, contains a unique compound that triggers apoptosis, or cell death, in breast cancer cells.

Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting. You don't have to let anyone back into your life who causes you harm.

And I quote another.... In order to defeat cancer and ensure there is no recurrence, the body must be brought into balance and the immune system rebuilt and fine tuned. So how is this feat accomplished? Detox, detox, detox and achieve a slightly alkaline pH, while filling the body with the best, organic, nutritionally dense food available. Your goal is to rebuild a killer immune system as you bathe every non-cancerous cell in your body with nutrition.

Always Do Your Own Research

During my intense research into nutrition against disease, on behalf of peers with a cancer diagnosis, I discovered what I am convinced is the number one threat to good health in our society...  namely, the heated vegetable oils so prevalent in commercial restaurants. Even olive oil with all of its merits when heated to the point where it oxidizes (boils) converts the molecules into a new product that deeply affects human health. Toxic chemicals are released. Carcinogens! In plain English I read that the heat changes the molecules in vegetable oils into a new form that mimics plastic. The liver does not know what to do with this and in response produces extra estrogen, more than we need, This estrogen overload impacts male and female reproductive organs, implying that a cancerous state is the result. I've read several sources for this theory and I strongly suggest your personal research. This may be a catastrophe in our profit corrupt food supply where advertising and habit prevail. (Coconut oil is one solution)

The association between cancer and the consumption of deep-fried foods may be due to carcinogens formed at high temperatures while cooking. During oxidation (high heat) the molecules actually change their constitution. Certain chemicals in our food supply and our environment, such as pesticides, herbicides, and certain petrochemicals from air and water pollution, household cleaners, plastics, cosmetics, etc., can react with your hormones and make your body store excess abdominal fat. These harmful chemicals are known as xenoestrogens.

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, bok choy, cabbage, etc. contain very specific and unique phytonutrients such as indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that help to fight against these estrogenic compounds.

Its rare when I hike in the paradise of northern Arizona and not see plastic trash, the more common item being the one-use plastic bag brought by the wind and caught in a tree branch miles from any store. Plastic is all around us. It forms much of the packaging for our food and drink. For many of us, it is throughout our home, our workplace, our car, the bus we take to and from work. It can be in our clothing, eyeglasses, teeth, toothbrush, computers, phones, dishes, utensils, toys. The list goes on, especially when you look around and begin to notice the plastic in your life.

Plastic is versatile, lightweight, flexible, moisture resistant, durable, strong and relatively inexpensive. It can be chemical resistant, clear or opaque, and practically unbreakable. These are wonderful useful qualities, and plastic plays many important roles in life on Earth, but the widespread use of plastic is also causing unprecedented environmental problems, and harbors serious health risks – especially for children. Plastic should be used wisely, with caution and only when suitable alternatives do not exist or are not available.

Sweet tooth? Compensation? Addiction? Or worse, sublimation? Are you filling an "empty?" How many people do you know that live in terror of coffee yet consume large volumes of diet drinks? This corruption of our nutritional beliefs invites what I call righteous disease. I have a friend like this who drinks diet soda with every meal, is denied coffee as a result of his beliefs, and recently suffered great pain and the expensive surgery resulting from kidney stones. I have a dentist (health care provider) who eats cookies and pastries while seeing patients! Where do you go for your endorphin boost when known healthier options are forbidden? Health and beliefs ARE connected. So is vital organ disease (read kidney stones) and obesity. Compulsive moral codes that kill. Will you pay the price for your stress management decision?

Stress creates increased levels of the hormone cortisol, causing you to crave foods high in fat, sugar, and salt. In excess it causes damage to your internal organs. Stress makes us prone to emotional eating, mindless eating, where we eat despite not being hungry but eat because it feels comforting. Psychologically trying to fill the empty. To keep our internal life integrated and centered we must insure that our nutritional life is complete. Since finances are always part of our stress it is also necessary to develop additional streams of income. Redefine your FEAR into: Face Everything and Rise! LEARN MORE!

There is scientific evidence now that spending time in any forest strengthens your immune system, improving your health.

E3Live is one of the original harvesters of AFA from Klamath Lake in Oregon. AFA, or aphanizomenon flos-aquae, is a highly nutritious strain of edible blue-green algae that contains over 64 perfectly balanced, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. It promotes intestinal health and digestion, normalizes blood sugar and more.  Be well. The power of a little bit of green!

Not all green algae is SAFE! Verify your source for this unique nutritional product.

If you are reading this you probably take your health and your body seriously. You, believe in benefitting from superfoods. Whole-food supplements fill in where healthful eating, exercise and a balanced lifestyle leave off.

Science now knows why highly intelligent people prefer to be alone.

People who feel entitled to have anything they see without regard often cause the greatest injury to others.

Owning Less is Great!

Wanting Less is even HEALTHIER!

IF you focus on the hurt you will continue to suffer.

IF you focus on the Lesson you will continue to grow.

When is it an Opportunity?

Its NOT what you say to others that matters...    Its what you whisper internally to yourself.


Attract pollenators! Have tons of bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, and so much more in your environment. Add beauty to your healthy environment!

Wellness is a


Improve the health and bounty of your garden, and your home business income. Use this on your plants! And know…  Garden Miracle is a natural blend of processed extracts of plants and vegetables, non-ionic surfactants, and water. It is completely biodegradable and contains no toxic or carcinogenic chemicals. It is not hazardous to human or animal health, and doesn't do anything to damage the environment. Garden Miracle requires no need for protective gloves, or special clothing as with chemicals. GM stimulates the natural growth of plants through increased root mass which allows for a higher uptake of nutrients and moisture, resulting in stronger plants, and earlier harvests. It helps fertilizers become even more effective, producing greater harvests and profits. It is more cost effective compared to costly fertilizers and insecticides. A single ounce can fortify 4 gallons of water. Leaves absorb more sunlight. Kills fungus.. This is the business of being well.  LEARN MORE!