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celebrations have going popularity though out u.s. cities like Los Angeles every and phoenix. The day of the dead has both indigenous or lgins from the Aztec festiual for mictecaclh uatl. The Lady of the dead and catholic origins from the Spanish conquistadors. The day of the dead starts on November 1 and  v  2. In Mexico they also celebrate Benito Juarez he was the president of Mexico from 1857 to 1872. He was the first indigenous man to hold thee country's highest political office. Benito Juarez pay most businesses close and many travel for the long weekend. Independence day is in September 16th in honor of the country's independent from spans rule in 1810. This holiday is one of the biggest celebrations through out  Mexico. In Mexico December 12 became a national holiday in Mexico they celebrate la virgin of Guadalupe the patron saint's birthday. 

Mexico has a lot of good food there. the best food in Mexico is tacos. Burritos are good to eat because there big they put a lot of food on it. Most of the people make Pozole in birthday party because the Pozole comes in a big can so everyone can eat. Tamales are also good most everyone who is from Mexico eats tamales people also make it on birthday party. 


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